Custom Furniture For Small Spaces In Southern California


Custom Furniture For Small Spaces In Southern California
Just because you live in a small apartment or rent out a small room, doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve custom furniture for your small living space. Where you live should reflect what you are about and choosing custom furniture for small spaces will do that. Wilding Wallbeds can work with whatever space you have to make it work for you and when we’re done, you don’t even remember how small your room is.


Types Of Custom Furniture For Small Spaces

Wilding Wallbeds will design and build custom furniture for small rooms in any house or apartment that you have. A studio apartment is no problem for our multi-functioning pieces. A few of our favorite products are:

Custom Furniture For Small Spaces In Southern California

  • Hidden Storage Headboard: If under the bed is just not enough extra space, Wilding Wallbeds has an optional storage headboard. When looking at custom furniture for a small room, every extra space counts. The headboard has the ability to open in three ways, open on the left side, open on the right side, and a center lift that will keep both lids open if you need to see inside the whole space. There is room for extra pillows and blankets for those cold nights. There is also a power supply inside the headboard for alarm clocks, phone chargers, etc. with the cords going through a grommet for the cords to come out. The twin size headboard starts at $599 and goes up to a king-size. If you are interested in the headboard and the bed, the twin starts at $1335.

  • The Disappearing Desk Bed: The best thing about Wilding Wallbeds custom furniture for small areas is that they have more than one function. The disappearing desk bed is a perfect example. During the day, you need an area to study, to research on your laptop, or work on your art. At night when you want to sleep, you simply pull the handle, and your bed arrives. You don’t need to clean off your desk as the surface will stay level with the floor when the bed is opened or closed. Another bonus is a light bridge that works with both bed and desk. A power outlet is also available whether you are on the bed or at the desk. Available in Twin, Full, Queen, and King, you have a choice of seven different wood options, starting at $2599.Custom Furniture For Small Spaces In Southern California

  • Bookcase Wallbed: Books can take up a lot of space, especially if you are starting your own library. Why not have your custom furniture for small areas serve a double purpose? Wildings Wallbeds has done just that with the bookcase wallbed. We have two models. The standard bookcase has two sections for books and can hold up to 200 lbs per section. When opened, the bookcases disappear to reveal your hidden murphy bed. With the bi-fold bookcase, each section will hold up to 60 lbs. per section, a total of 240 lbs. evenly distributed. When opened, the bookcase will fold in half and leave you a part of your bookcase framing your murphy bed. The bookcase wallbed comes in Twin, Full, and Queen. Standard prices start at $2143 and Bi-fold starts at $2359.

  • Murphy Bunk Bed: The ultimate custom furniture for small spaces is Wilding Wallbeds Murphy Bunk Beds. The beds come in Twin and Twin Extra and can hold an adult up to 250 lbs. With a piston lift system that is silent, you can set up the slumber party with ease. The Murphy Bunk Bed is also perfect for a fire station, a cabin, or a dorm room. Having twice the beds, with no loss of space, makes the murphy bunk beds one of our favorite custom furniture for small rooms.

One way to get a closer look at our custom furniture for apartments is to come into our showrooms and walk around all of our products. Wilding Wallbeds engineers their own type of plywood called Furniture Grade Plywood. The first five layers of solid wood are layered using cross graining, which eliminates bowing or warping problems that happen when exposed to dry or humid conditions. The last two layers are the actual wood of your choice. All the layers are bonded together with glue that is formaldehyde-free. Our furniture grade plywood is durable and has the quality that basic plywood doesn’t have. The other customizations that we have are the finish, style, size, and cabinets.Custom Furniture For Small Spaces In Southern California

If you don’t find the right furniture for your small space, we will work with you and your unique space. Our sales associates create a visual aid drawing of your room and your custom furniture.


Wilding Wallbeds has three showrooms in California:


  • Chino Hills, 4200 Chino Hills Parkway Suite 660, Chino Hills, Ca

  • (909) 680-4141


  • El Segundo, 446 Main Street, El Segundo, Ca

  • (424) 277-0063


  • San Diego, 7944 Miramar Road, San Diego, Ca

  • (858) 578-0627


We encourage you to come and see the Wilding Wallbeds showroom closest to you. Being able to see our products up close and getting a chance to see how easy they are to operate can make all the difference.