Will it hold it? Car vs. Wallbed


Car on top of Wilding Wallbed

Internationally people have enjoyed the beautiful craftsmanship of the Wilding Wallbed products in their homes, offices, medical clinics and more. Wilding Wallbeds are custom built to a very high standard of structural strength and durability to create a legacy product sure to outlive its owners.

You can imagine that many customers raise a brow in disbelief when this company proudly proclaims that their bed can hold 4,000 lbs.! In an effort to prove a point as well as have some fun with the customer, Wilding Wallbeds has put together a new campaign titled “Will it hold it”. The new campaign will showcase large heavy objects being placed on the bed to see if it survives the weight.

To open the campaign, Wilding Wallbed decided to come out of the gates strong with their first video debuting a Volkswagen Jetta vs the Wallbed! The whole team at Wilding Wallbeds hope you enjoy the video that is posted below and hope you will let us know what you’d like to see us attempt to put on our beds in future episodes of “Will it Hold It?”.

About This Video

  • This video was shot live without any practice runs.
  • This car was one of the Wilding owner’s wife’s car.
  • This car weighs over 3,000 lbs.
  • This was one of the beds pulled off the showroom floor
  • No modifications were made to the bed

About Future Videos

  • Each video will star a different bed from our showroom
  • Wilding Wallbeds want you to submit your video ideas
  • Crazy ideas are welcome
  • Wilding has already chosen its second video. Although they are not telling you what it is, they will let you know that it involves water!

The goal is Two-Fold

First and foremost, the Wilding team hopes to have some fun with their current or potential customers! If the Videos are something you enjoy, please share them with friends and colleagues. As long as there is continued interest, Wilding has every intention to continue this campaign.

Second is the desire to impress on the general public that quality and durability matter. Wilding Wallbeds are custom made by master craftsmen in the USA using real hardwoods that are harvested from sustainable forestry programs.

Dedicated to be best Value

Hampton style Wallbed

In the past, Murphy Beds and Wallbeds were synonymous with convenience. But unfortunately, they were also synonymous with cheaply made furniture that easily broke. The majority of manufactures were and are using laminates, particle boards and other subpar materials. Somehow the industry concentrated on lowest cost rather than best value. Decades ago Wilding Wallbeds was formed to create a product that not only functioned well, but one that would set a new standard for craftsmanship and durability. Wilding would focus its efforts on the best materials and fine craftsmanship. When the Wildings put their name on the product they wanted the public to know that they would not adopt the business mentality of selling items that needed replaced like razor blades. Wilding Wallbed is dedicated to keep its primary focus on custom furniture that will be used and loved for a lifetime.

Contact us: Email Wilding Wallbeds with your comments or ideas for future videos at: info@wallbedsbywilding.com. The Wilding Wallbed team is excited to hear from you soon!

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