Wondering Where to Buy Murphy Beds? Wilding Wallbeds Has You Covered

Posted by Eric on February 2nd, 2017

We Are the Largest Murphy Bed Manufacturer and Retailer In the US

Where To Buy A Wall BedIf you have friends or relatives visiting but don’t have enough room for a full-sized bed, wall beds (also known as Murphy beds) are a great way of giving them a place to stay as well as ...

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Where Do I Find The Best Murphy Beds?

Posted by Eric on January 30th, 2017

Who Makes The Best Murphy Beds

For over a century, people have turned to the disappearing Murphy bed for its functionality to save space. Gone are the days of the clunky bed that was hidden in grandma’s closet. Wilding Wallbeds are not only wonderful space savers, but now they can also add a beautiful focal ...

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Wilding Wallbed's Customer Service

Posted by Tyson on January 30th, 2017

Trust: The reputation of a thousand years may be undermined by the conduct of one hour.
Japanese Proverb

Woman talking on telephone

It's been said that "customer service is the new marketing." That makes perfect sense. After all when you consider that the vast majority of people shopping these days have access to ...

How is a Wilding Wallbed installed?

Posted by Chase on January 11th, 2017

Questions and concerns answered

Installation Instructions

We’ve all had that item that we bought thinking it would be a “cake walk” to set up ourselves. It always seems like the instructions are a mile long and you have to have the skills and tools of a trained carpenter to even open ...

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Can guests “Get Busy” on my wallbed?

Posted by Brandon on January 10th, 2017
Couple in Bed

A question that Wilding Wall Beds is asked almost every day is whether or not their murphy beds are tough enough for guests to have sex on. This question is asked in many different ways, ( i.e “Doing the Deed”, “The “Horizontal Mambo”, “Gland to Gland combat”) and generally in ...

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