Give A Gift That Will Bring Comfort And Style, Give A Wall Bed For The Holidays

Posted by Eric on December 8th, 2016
Holiday Gift Ideas from Wilding Wallbeds

For an unusual and truly appreciated gift this year, consider giving someone you love a beautifully crafted and superbly comfortable wall bed. The timeless styles available will remain classics for years to come and everyone will appreciate the space saving designs. While we have many beds to choose from, here ...
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Fried Turkey and Mannequin Challenge

Posted by Eric on November 18th, 2016

Employee Appreciation Lunch

Wilding Wallbeds has a tradition of doing a turkey fry for their employees every November. We saw how popular the Mannequin Challenge has been lately and we were up for the challenge. Check out the recipe below for our Cajun Rub.

Peanut Oil and Fryers Cajun Turkey Peanut Oil and Fryers

Cajun Fried Turkey

18 oz Worcestershire ...

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Reasons Why You Need a Wall Bed

Posted by Eric on November 15th, 2016
Gone are the days when a bed was just a bed. We expect more from our beds than just a good night’s sleep. Given the limited space of a studio apartment, a wall bed can double as an office desk. In larger spaces, a wall bed enhances your storage ...
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Wall Beds: The Small Space Solution

Posted by Eric on November 15th, 2016
Wall beds are a fantastic way to save on space. For those living in studio apartments or other places with small square footage, wall beds can be a real lifesaver. Also known as a Murphy bed, these beds can fold away up against a wall, allowing you to turn your ...
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The History of Wall Beds, Revisited

Posted by Eric on November 15th, 2016
By David Boyle - Flickr: P-Town_0022, CC BY 2.0,

The Murphy bed, also know as a wall bed, pull down bed or fold-down bed, is a bed hinged at one end against a wall enabling it to fold up and store vertically alongside a wall. The bed is named for William Lawrence Murphy, who applied for patents around 1900 ...
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