Posted by Eric on June 20th, 2017

2017 Safety Award Winner

2017 Safety Award

The Annual SUHBA (Southern Utah Home Builders Association) Safety Awards Luncheon was held on June 6th, 2017 and we are pleased to be honored along with S&S Homes, JP Excavating and Countertop Source with the award. The award goes to companies that show outstanding and consistent efforts to create a safety culture at their place of business. Andrew Stringham was there to accept the award on behalf of Wilding Wallbeds.

2017 Safety Award

The production manager of Wilding Wallbeds, Andrew Stringham, has developed an extensive safety program to produce custom built murphy beds, desks and side cabinets. They hold weekly meetings to inform and train. Employees feel cared about and hours lost from injury have been greatly reduced. Each employee is encouraged to share ideas and concerns about safety and they appreciate being heard. The information and resources SUHBA has provided has helped motivate and encourage our efforts.

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