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How do I care for my new Wallbed? | Wilding Wallbeds

Wilding Wallbed Care Kit

Wilding Wallbeds hears this question quite frequently. What do I do if my new Wallbed gets a nick or scratch? What do I do to protect the finish? I’d like my new Wallbed to last. These are all good questions and concerns. To meet these concerns, Wilding Wallbeds has developed a simple care kit that you can purchase at the time of order, or have it shipped to you at any other time at your request. The Wallbed Care Kit consists of four items, Furniture Polish, Stain Pen, Wood Filler and Dusting cloths. These items arrive packaged in a handy Wilding Wallbeds Care kit tin box. This wonderful kit arms you against three of your major care concerns.

  1. Everyday cleaning
  2. Color repair
  3. Nick or scratch repair

Because you have a chosen both the wood type and color of your Wallbed, Wildings has formulated a Wallbed Care kit for each specific Wallbed selection.

Maintaining the Beauty of My Wallbed

Wilding Wallbeds builds and finishes the product with the expectation that it will last a lifetime. That is a bold statement in today’s “disposable furniture” climate. Wilding uses the finest products available including the finest wood stains and the finest lacquer finishes. In many cases the products are engineered to specific Wilding Wallbed requirements. This focus on quality provides you with both beauty and durability. “Our goal and focus is to provide a quality product that our customers will love and be able to live with and use for a very long time,” says Dan Wilding. He continues, “As fine furniture ages, it actually becomes more beautiful, the finish becomes more deep and rich.” “We put our name on our Wallbeds, we expect them to be beautiful for a lifetime.”

Is there a specific Furniture Polish that I should use?

Furniture Polish

A frequent questions is, what should I use for the day to day care of my Wallbed. You may be aware that simple household dust can be a real enemy over time to a beautiful piece of furniture. This day to day care can beautify or destroy the finish of the fine wood products in your home. To address this issue, Wilding Wallbeds suggests you use their Earth Friendly Furniture Polish which is a plant based product. This premium furniture polish gives your new Wilding Wallbed what it needs to stay clean and beautiful over the years. This is a specially formulated polish that contains olive oil and orange oil, which helps protect the finish and the wood while bringing out its natural beauty. This special formula contains plant-derived cleaners and cleansing conditioners which help loosen and gently remove fingerprints, smudges and dirt. Wilding’s likes this type of furniture polish as it’s environmentally friendly and does not contain harsh chemicals. This product is a Dioxane free, phosphate and formaldehyde free product. This is a smarter and safer choice for keeping your new Wallbed looking its very best.

Dusting Cloths

Dusting Cloths

Dusting cloths can also have a cumulative effect on fine furniture over the years. Along with the Furniture Polish in this Wallbed Care Kit, you will find three, large micro fiber dusting cloths. To maintain the cloths cleanliness and ability to care for your Wallbed, simply drop them in your laundry between uses. These cloths will quickly become your favorite cloths for dusting other furniture items in your home too.

Stain Pen

Masters Stain Pen

In even the most careful households accidents occasionally happen. How do fix a scratch on my new Wallbed should I need? This is another great question. For minor scratch repair, Wilding’s provide a Stain Pen in this care kit. The stain pen is exactly that, a magic marker sized and shaped item that contains the actual stain that your Wallbed was finished in. If you happen to experience a minor scratch, you will find this item extremely convenient. Because this stain pen contains exactly the same stain which was used to stain your Wallbed it makes minor touch up quick and easy. You can simply draw over the scratch in one quick motion and the unsightliness of the scratch will simply disappear. If the marker line appears wider than the scratch, simply hold the stain pen in one hand and your dusting cloth in the other hand. Draw over the scratch with the pen then quickly and gently buff the line with the dusting cloth. You will find that this method can help you correct other issues too. The stain pen is quite forgiving. If the color appears too dark, simply wet the same line again by drawing over it with the stain pen and buff it again with the cloth. Greater pressure with the dusting cloth, will remove more of the stain. Over a period of time the stain will become permanent.

Fill Stick

Masters Fill Stick

What if I get a deeper nick or scratch in the finish of my Wallbed? Another great question. Wilding Wallbeds includes, in your care kit, a handy furniture repair fill stick. This fill stick looks like a large crayon, but it is actually a professional touch up stick. Included with this fill stick is a plastic, razorblade shaped tool that will help you remove excess fill if it is applied. If a deeper scratch or nick occurs, take this fill stick in your hand and in a scribbling motion go back and forth quickly over the nick or scratch. Continue this scribbling motion until the blemish is entirely filled. This method is called repair build up. The fill stick is designed to build up to the full depth and width of the blemish. As you continue to fill the blemish, it is possible that you will over fill. This is actually a good thing and is part of the repair process. For removing the excess fill there are two methods you can use. The first is to take your dusting cloth, quickly and firmly scrub back and forth, crossways, over the blemish repair build up. The cloth will slowly remove the excess fill and leave the blemish with a perfectly flat fill. This is the end goal. In some cases you can use the plastic, razor blade shaped tool and in one firm motion remove the excess fill. After you do this, it’s recommended that you use the dusting cloth to polish off the fill for a professional finished repair. In time, this fill will harden and provide a permanent repair.

Additional Help

In most cases you will never need to use one of the repair methods described above. If you find yourself with a question about your Wallbed you can call Wilding Wallbeds for help. Additionally, if you have a touch up concern not listed above, you can call Wilding Wallbeds directly (toll free 866-725-6401) and speak with one of the team members who can address your concern and coach you through the solution.

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