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Does Wilding Wallbeds make custom furniture?

Custom Home Office
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Big box stores are great if you’re looking for foreign-made, generic furnishings. Likewise, a custom woodworker is good if you have the disposable income and no pressing timelines. This is where Wilding Wallbeds really shines. The great folks at Wilding Wallbeds pride themselves on their ability to deliver you their standard selection of hand crafted wallbeds while still offering custom orders at a reasonable price. With their home grown manufacturing facility they are able to offer minimal lead times and unmatched customer service.

A One of a Kind Wallbed

Custom Home Office

When people hear Wilding Wallbeds, they might think that Wilding only specializes in one thing. This is where they’d be mistaken. Over the years of fine tuning wallbed manufacturing Wilding has adapted to the input and requests of their customers. The result is a highly adaptive customization process. Knowing that no two rooms are alike allows Wilding to work with the customer to offer a unique wallbed unit and cabinet setup that is truly one of a kind. Try to find that kind of service with any big box store. The customer is able to customize their wallbed unit by choosing their wood, finish, style, size, cabinets and any of the additional options that are available. Every order is built to the customer’s specifications so custom size widths, heights and cabinet configurations are something that Wilding works with every day.

Communication is the Key


The process starts from the moment you make your specific needs known to one of our amazing sales associates. The key to the customization process is communication. All of the sales associates are trained and ready to work with you in making your ideas a reality. Whether its coming to your home for measurements (for locals), creating visual aid drawings or walking you through the finishing options. These guys bend over backwards to fulfill your needs.

Custom Home Office

Custom Home Office

For an example, say you needed to turn your home office into a guest bedroom. The sales associate would work with you to take your room measurements and address any concerns you might have with clearance and wall layout. Then they would construct a mock up drawing of what your wallbed and custom desk unit will look like in that space. Then maybe you realize you might need a file drawer to go with that desk unit. Or maybe you need to increase your shelf space for your book collection. The sales associate will adjust that drawing until it covers your needs. When you are satisfied that your project is a go, your information will be forwarded to the Wilding design team where your bed will be fully designed and prepared for manufacturing.

Custom Home Library Hidden Gun Cabinet Hidden Gun Cabinet

As said before, communication in the customization process is key. Based on customers communicating their interests to Wilding, many custom creations have come to fruition. Everything from custom Libraries to hidden gun cases.

Innovating Furniture

Hidden Storage Bed

One customer needed storage but didn’t necessarily need the floor space. They inquired about a more conventional design. We now have a Hidden Storage Bed option available for purchase. These great creations and so many more came from the input of customers and the expertise of the craftsman and designers at Wilding Wallbeds

So as you’re considering your options for the space you're working with. Consider contacting Wilding Wallbeds. Bring your space saving ideas and vision and let them help make it into a reality for you.

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