5 Multifunctional Room Ideas That Will Make You Love Your Spare Bedroom



Here are 5 ideas that will change your spare bedroom forever!


Love to read? Beautifully display your collection of books along with a cozy window seat. Enjoy spending quiet time reading in your library, and when you have company, turn it into a spare bedroom within minutes. View Bookcase Wallbeds.
Bookcase Wall bedwindow bed

Office Space

Turn your spare bedroom into an office and have that extra workspace you’ve always wanted. Without having to clear your desk each time you have a guest, you will enjoy your spare bedroom more than ever. View Disappearing Desk Bed.


Kid’s Room

We all know that kids need a place where they can play and use their imagination. Have a special room in your house that your grandkids will love. With plenty of space to play during the day, and at night fold down the bunk beds for a fun place for those cute kids to sleep. View Hide Away Bunk Beds.


Game Room

With a card table that comes out of the wall, have a fun place to do puzzles, play board games, or even use it as a quiet place for kids to do homework. The best part is, when the table is put away, your guests will never be able to tell that your cabinets double as a table and a bed! That’s what I call multi-purpose! View Hidden Table Cabinets.

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