The Total Murphy Bed Buying Guide

A six-part series guiding you through the major considerations when you are purchasing a Murphy bed or wall bed.

By Caden

The Total Murphy Bed Buying Guide

A six-part series guiding you through the major considerations when you are purchasing a Murphy bed or wall bed.

By Caden


In this blog series, we will be exploring everything you need to consider when you are shopping for a Murphy bed. A Murphy bed is a large purchase, and, if you are doing it alone, the process to find the right bed for you can take a long time and be fairly involved. If you want to jump start your buying process, the very best place to start is by visiting one of our Murphy Bed Showrooms, booking a virtual design consultation, or by simply calling in at 866-877-7803 and talking to a member of our sales team.

Leaning on an Expert

Think of your favorite book or movie, in the storyline, the main character is facing a complex problem and finds a guide to help them solve the problem. Harry Potter had Dumbledore, Luke had Yoda, Frodo had Gandalf, and the list goes on and on. My point is that working one-on-one with a “guide” (a dedicated Murphy bed expert, in this case) is by far the best way to get ahead and ensure you are going to get the right direction. Our team has decades of nuanced experience in this field that you can tap into to ensure that you don’t make any mistakes along the journey.

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The Murphy Bed Buying Guide

Here are the main things to think about when considering purchasing a Murphy bed. In this blog series, each of these bullet points will be a standalone post that will dive deeper into the specifics of the topic:

Chapter 01. Price: How much does a Murphy bed Cost?

Murphy beds are not cheap, but understanding the factors that influence the price of a bed can help you to make the right decision.

Chapter 02. Types: What are the different types of Murphy beds?

There are nearly as many types of Murphy beds as there are manufacturers, however, most Murphy beds can fit into a few neat categories. Each type has strengths and weaknesses, so understanding which type of Murphy bed will best suit your needs is critical.

Chapter 03. Dimensions: How big should a Murphy bed be?

Murphy beds come in all shapes and sizes, so understanding how much room you should dedicate to your bed is an important consideration in your purchase.

Chapter 04. Material: What is the best material for a Murphy bed?

A Murphy bed or wall bed is only as good as the material it is built from. Understanding the different types of wood will help you to balance the price versus the value in your purchase.

Chapter 05. Installation: How much does it cost to install a Murphy bed?

Most manufacturers (like Wilding Wallbeds, for instance) build beds that are designed for homeowners to install. However, if you are uncomfortable with installing it on your own, finding the right person for the job is as important as it is easy.

Chapter 06. Safety: What are the safety features of a Murphy bed?

One of the most commonly Googled questions around Murphy beds is, “Are Murphy beds safe?”. Another question we see online is, “How many people have died from Murphy beds?”. While Murphy beds can pose a risk, that risk can be easily mitigated. Learn how!

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