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Sofa Murphy Bed Setup


Unboxing the Components.

Please use the arrows at the bottom of the player to move on and return to the previous video.

Step 1

Mechanism Support Box

Step 2

Setting up the Sideboards

Step 3

Sideboard Fronts & Shelves

Step 4


Step 5

Installing the Springs

Step 6

Installing the Bridge Board

Step 7 – Headboard Intro

Introduction to the different headboards

Step 7 – Standard Headboard

Standard Headboard

Step 7 – Deep Headboard

Deep Headboard

Step 7 – Storage Headboard

Storage Headboard

Step 8

Installing the Stretchers

Step 9

Lights installation Step 1

Step 10

How to Anchor to the Wall

Step 11

The Face Panels

Step 12

Installing the Bed Rails

Step 13

Installing the Stiffeners

Step 14

Bed Legs Installation

Step 15

Installing the Lights Step 2

Step 16

Loading the Face Panel

Step 17

Lights Step 3

Step 18

Handles Installation

Step 19

Adjusting the unit

Step 20

Attaching the Crown Molding

Step 21

Side Cabinet Installation

Step 22


Step 23

Sofa Assembly


How to Uninstall the unit if needed

Need Help During the Installation Process?

Tools Needed

Power Driver with Phillips Bit6′ Ladder
Phillips Screw DriverStud Sensor
Regular Screw DriverPencil
Ratchet with 1/2″ SocketTape Measure

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Need Help During Installation?

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Friday: 8am – 3:30pm MST

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