Rona H.


We love the bed… We could not be more pleased
My husband and I live in Albuquerque so we do not have access to wall bed stores. We were interested in a cabinet bed, as a wall bed was too overwhelming for the size of the room. The Murphy cabinet bed was a perfect choice, as was contacting Wilding Wallbeds. I had found Wilding through a google search, which resulted in rave reviews. Our contact person was Penny S, who was knowledgeable, efficient and very professional. It was also nice to work with such a pleasant person. We had our bed ordered with absolutely no problems and that good service continued to the end when the bed was assembled and ready for guests. We were kept apprised of the shipping progress and the delivery was flawless. The bed was in excellent shape upon arrival, as the movers and the packers of the bed did a very good job. We had the bed delivered to our front door of a single story home. We managed to move it ourselves into the guest bedroom. We are not young but in decent shape. The instruction video was immensely helpful and well done. It also helped that the bed was very well constructed of quality wood and that all assembly parts fit easily. From the front door to ready for use took one hour! We love the bed. It is a really nice piece of furniture which enhances the room. It is very easy for one person to open and close. We could not be more pleased.