Put and Nannie B.


We’ve finally completed the construction and installation of our (Sierra style) wall bed. For too long, while construction was proceeding in our house, the intimidating package of materials lay resting in our barn. Finally, the room being ready, we lugged in the various pieces and started to work. Two days later, the bed frame was fitted into the lifting mechanism, the mattress was put in place and the assembly folded up. As it turned out, we needn’t have worried that everything would fit, because it did, to perfection. It’s a wonderful addition to our room, is elegant and works as easily as your advertisements promised it would. My 90-year old mother, were she still alive, could have lifted the bed into place without as much as a grunt. The work would have been easy, even for her. We especially appreciated the graceful design of the piece, the quality of the wood that was used in its construction and the elegantly applied finish that is immediately apparent to even a casual glance. We bought the bed, sight unseen, on the internet and, by so doing, took a risk that we’d be disappointed. We weren’t at all. It took longer to construct than we expected, but we suppose that the affordable price we paid reflected the fact that we, rather than you, would do the grunt work necessary to assemble the many pieces. It surely would have been much more expensive, both to purchase and to ship, if we bought it pre-assembled. Thanks for your careful work in assuring us a bed we’ll be proud to have in our house.