Keith C. Turlock CA


Go for it!
I have just finished installing a queen sized, Chalet wall bed. If you read the testimonials at the Wilding website you might think that their product couldn’t possible be that good – it is! There are so many positive things to say: customer service, workmanship, quality control, packaging, even delivery – all superior. For me as a 60+ non-engineer it was the video instructions that were the “frosting on the cake.” This is a big, heavy bed (250+ pounds) with quite a few parts. When the pallet is delivered it can look a little overwhelming. The trick for me, was to take my time; read and reread the instructions and then start and stop the video instructions as I completed each step. As stated in the instructions, there are several places in the assembly where two strong adults are required to move and/or lift the bed. In retrospect, there were several places where one could mess up. The instructions are “right,” they are very thorough. If something doesn’t feel right or fit, YOU have probably made a mistake. Call customer service and talk with a technician, yes I had to – once. I wasn’t sure about something I was about to do and I didn’t want to make a mistake. The installed bed is beautiful and I have a great sense of personal accomplishment. Go for it!