Jim and Connie G.


I can not tell you how pleased we are with the product, people, and to a large extent the video instruction. This wallbed is so far superior to others and I know since I have one in Florida, that is both cheap and expensive (oxmoranic). I would like very much to have my comments posted, but also, to have some additional comments for the owners of the company to hear, absolutely not negative, but of a positive, so that people who, like us, will be putting it together will have, not an easier time, but a less “what do I do now” time. 1. The first person you encounter is the most lasting…either good or bad, you have, in Penny, an exceptional person. She guided me through the process and more importantly did not try to sell me stuff that I did not need. She was GENUINELY wanted ME to be happy. 2. Tell people, emphatically, that they have bought a “100% wood” product…that is inherently heavy, quality, but HEAVY…you need lots of people to move it…and unlike the video it will, at times take longer than depicted. 3. The most important is that you have to have “lots of videos” and very detailed, We have a desk with no under mount cabinets and were at a complete loss as how to install them…Spend more time on the videos, in detail, very important…we are such a media culture that the videos we had were very helpful, they need to be increased and shown in much more detail. 4. Concentrate on the quality of your product. We own a place in Fl and have a murphy bed there…it is to put it politely a piece of c–p”. you need to advertise in Florida…extensively. You have such a wonderful, no exceptional product that with your staff and product I want you to succeed. I looked hard to find an company that was solely American, using American workers with American quality. WILDING MURPHY BEDS did it in spades.