Popular Murphy Beds in El Segundo, CA


By Brandon Wilding

At Wilding Wallbeds we build each of our Murphy beds individually for each customer–one at a time. This allows you to choose exactly what you want; to design a Murphy bed tailored perfectly to your needs and your space. That being said, it is really common to get asked, “What is popular” when looking through our different option. We have found that in different places different styles and options are popular. This article will focus on what styles, colors, and other options are popular at our El Segundo Showroom, which services Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

Which Styles are Popular?

In El Segundo we sell all of our different styles, but with current trends our three most popular styles are Remington, Avery Park and Edge.

The Remington

Remington Murphy Bed

The Remington is a classic shaker style. Shaker furniture is known for its square trims, clean lines, and recessed panels. In recent years shaker style furniture has become very popular. The Remington Murphy bed is nice because it can look great rustic cabin, but it can also look great in a modern home. The Remington is part of our Studio Series so it uses our spring lift mechanism.

The Avery Park

Price as shown $7,356. Price includes Queen size Avery Park Wall Bed in Paint Grade Wood / White Finish, Deep Design, Black Wallbed Lights, Two 24" Three Drawer side cabinets with Slide Out Trays. Shipping Sale! For a limited time, Wilding Wallbeds will pay up to $400 of your shipping.
Avery Park Murphy Bed in Paint Grade Wood with White finish

The Avery Park is also a classic shaker style. The main difference between the Remington and the Avery Park is that the Avery Park uses our piston lift mechanism. The piston lift mechanism takes up a little bit less space than the spring lift so it makes the Avery Park ideal for small rooms. The Avery Park also features shaker columns and 4 large shaker panels.

The Edge

Queen size Edge Wall Bed in Mahogany Wood / Autumn Haze with Black Glaze Finish, Deep Design, Black Wallbed Lights, Two 18" 3 Drawer Wardrobe side cabinets.

The Edge is a sleek contemporary style. It features a flat face with two simple columns that incorporate the locking legs. This is a great style to go with modern style, Scandinavian design, and other styles that value simple clean furniture. The Edge is part of our HomeFront Series, so it also uses the piston lift mechanism.

Which Colors are Popular?

At Wilding Wallbeds we work with Oak, Alder, Cherry and Mahogany wood. We have many different color options on each of these woods. We have grays, naturals, reds, darks and even solid color paints. With all of these color options there are many different colors that are popular in the LA area.

Alder wood

Alder is by far the most popular wood. It looks similar to Cherry wood with just a little less color in the grain. It is a closed cell wood, so it is smooth, and has minimal grain patterns. Alder is easy to work with and takes stain very well, so it can look very different depending on the finish you choose. The two most popular colors on Alder at the El Segundo Showroom are Autumn Haze, and Aurora Splendor

Autumn Haze / Alder Wood
Aurora Splendor / Alder Wood

Oak wood

Oak is another popular wood. It is open celled, so there is a lot of texture and has heavy grain patterns. In El Segundo the most popular finish on Oak wood is our White paint. This makes the furniture solid white but the familiar oak texture telegraphs thorough giving it a nice coastal look.

Oak Wood / White

What Options are most Popular?

Each of our Murphy beds can be further customized with our different options. The two most popular options that we offer are the LED Wallbed Lighting System, and the Deep Design.

LED Wallbed Lighting System

Murphy bed lights

The LED Wallbed Lighting System includes two LED lights located up in the bridgeboard of the bed. They are controlled by a touch switch located on the headboard. They have three light settings (Dim, medium and bright) and also include a safety cutoff switch which turns the lights off as you close the bed if you forget to. This option is popular because it allows your guests to control light in the room from the comfort of the bed rather than having to walk across a dark room to find the light switch.

Deep Design

Deep headboard murphy bed

The Deep Design is a great option that gives both you and your guests a great deal of convenience. With this option we make the Murphy Bed 4” deeper and add a 6” shelf to the headboard. This shelf is a great place for you to store the pillows when the bed is closed, and a nice place for your guests to set their phone, drink, glasses, or anything else they might want close by while in bed.

Which Mattresses are Most Popular?

No Murphy bed is complete without a mattress. Mattresses for a Murphy bed are unique in the fact that they spend the majority of their life standing on end rather than laying flat. That being said not every mattress is able to stand on end without slumping and sagging, so we went to Serta and designed a line of Perfect Sleepers, and iComfort mattresses that can stand in a Murphy bed. These mattresses are warrantied for 10 years in a Wilding Wallbed and guaranteed not to slump or sag. The three most popular mattress at the El Segundo Showroom are Morse Heights II Plush, Morse Heights II Firm, and CF 1000 Medium.

Morse Heights II Plush

The Morse Heights II Plush is a great mattress. It is plush which means it isn’t too soft or too firm, great for guestrooms. It is designed to sleep adults and measures 12” thick so there is plenty of comfort layers between you and the supportive spring core.

Morse Heights II Firm

The Morse Heights II Firm use the same general structure as the plush but it has a firm top making it the ideal choice for those who prefer a more firm mattress.

CF 1000 Medium

The CF 1000 Medium is part of Serta’s iComfort series. It is a medium feel and uses a foam core rather than innersprings. The CF 1000 uses cutting edge cooling gel technology mixed with the memory foams to give you a supportive, comfortable, and cool sleeping experience.

Wrapping it all up

At Wilding Wallbeds we have countless option to choose from allowing you to customize your bed however you like. This article focused only on the current most popular options at our El Segundo California showroom. We have so many more option and styles that you can choose from that aren’t mentioned here. To see those just check out our website or stop by our showroom to see what else we can do.

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