Removable Pillow Guards

The Pillow Guard is a helpful option that is unique to Wilding Wallbeds. Most companies don't address the frustrating issue of pillows falling off the end of Side Mount Wallbeds. Little can ruin a good night of sleep on a wallbed like your pillow repeatedly falling off the bed! This handy Pillow Guard will keep your pillow in place during the night.

We offer two models of this Removable Pillow Guard. One is designed specifically for any of our HomeFront Series Side Mount Wallbeds ($100). The other model is designed for use in any of our Murphy Desk Beds ($150). The Pillow Guard will be constructed of the same wood and in the same finish as your wallbed. During the day, or while the bed is not in use, this HomeFront Series Removable Pillow Guard can easily store beneath your mattress or against the wall inside the wallbed.

While the Murphy Desk Bed Removable Pillow Guard can easily hang against the face of the internal headboard of the wallbed. The Pillow Guard is not intended to support full body weight leaning against it. However, this piece works great if you want to prop your pillow up against it and settle in to read a good book. See the detail below or click on the videos for further explanation.

HomeFront Series


Murphy Desk Bed