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Bunk Bed Setup


Unboxing the wallbed components.

Please use the arrows at the bottom of the player to move on and return to the previous video

Tools Needed

Tools that will be needed for installation.

Step 1

Preparing the Side Boards

Step 2

Information regarding the bunks

Step 3

Sideboard Preparation

Step 4

Installing the Pivot Point

Step 5

Installing the Pistons

Step 6

Installing the Piston’s Continued

Step 7

Installing the Upper Bunk.

Step 8-9

Installing the Upper Piston’s

Step 10

Installing the bumpers

Step 11

Installing the Lower Stretcher

Step 12

Lower Stretcher Continued

Step 13

Installing the Horizontal Center Support

Step 14

Upper Headboard

Step 15

Lower Headboard

Lighting System

This optional step is for the Bunk Bed Lighting System

Step 16

Standing the Unit Up

Step 17

Attaching the Bridge Board

Step 18

Attaching the Bridge Board Continued

Step 19-20

Attaching the Unit to the Wall

Step 21

Reattaching Bumpers

Step 22

Attaching the Guard Rails

Need Help During the Installation Process?

Minor product updates may have occurred since the filming of this video.
Please refer to the written instructions for the most up to date information.

Written Instructions:

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Need Help During Installation?

Customer Service Hotline: 1-866-725-6401
Monday – Thursday: 8am – 5pm
Friday: 8am – 3:30pm MST

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