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Due to the natural and unique characteristics of wood, random grain patterns, wood color differences, mineral streaking and random markings are all normal occurrences and will be present in all wood products. There can be "dye lot" variations which will create differences in the color of the finished products. Additionally, the color you see on your monitor or device may be dramatically different from the actual color. It is highly recommended that you request an actual color sample at the time you place your order. Wilding Wallbeds can not be held responsible for color variations between your device / monitor and the true color of our samples. Please call toll free (866) 877-7803 for a free wood sample.

Finishes on Maple Wood

Grade 1 Stains

Natural finish on Maple Wood


Summer Wheat finish on Maple Wood

Summer Wheat

Milford Sound finish on Maple Wood

Milford Sound

Driftwood finish on Maple Wood


*Driftwood on Maple is not available with grooves which is included in the Newport, Hampton, Chesapeake, and Cape Cod styles.

Grade 2 Stains

Wallbed: $205 each
Cabinet: $130 each
Office Component: $62 each
Coffee Bean finish on Maple Wood

Coffee Bean

Java finish on Maple Wood


Charcoal finish on Maple Wood


Coastal Mist finish on Maple Wood

Coastal Mist

Glacier Bay finish on Maple Wood

Glacier Bay

Custom Stain Color Match

We offer a stain custom color match program to help you get just the color that you need. Most colors included.

Color Match:  $255 (per color match)

Custom Stain Color Match with Glaze

We also offer custom color Stain matches that require a glaze.

Color Match: $255 per color match
Wallbed: $205 each
Bunk Bed: $575 each
Cabinet: $130 each
Office Component: $62 each


You may add a glaze to any finish we offer. Glazes are a wonderful addition to any stain. The purpose of a glaze is to draw attention to detail. For instance, if the Wallbed you chose has a lot of detail like our Harmony II or Tuscany models, Glazes cake into the detail lines making them darker and accentuates that detail. If you've selected a rustic type of wood like Rustic Cherry or Knotty Alder or you've selected a more porous grained wood like Oak or Mahogany, the glaze will call greater attention to the characteristics of your wood selection. Glazes also make the original stain slightly darker adding depth to the finish. So, if you'd really like your Wallbed selection to pop, ask us about adding a glaze. Wilding Wallbeds Glaze color choices are Black or Brown.

Wallbed:  $205 each
Bunk Bed:  $205 each
Cabinet:  $130 each
Office Component:  $62 each

Give Your Wallbed and Cabinets an Antimicrobial Advantage

Bacteria Microbes

The Antimicrobial protection is an available option that protects your product from mold, mildew and inhibits the growth of microbes. Learn More

Antimicrobial Protection for Wallbed only: $50 each
Antimicrobial Protection for Cabinets: $25 each
Antimicrobial Protection for Office Components: $15 each

Standard Distressing

Distressing is an artistic process accomplished by an individual by hand. We use picks, gouges and various other tools to dent, scrape, gouge and artificially age the wood. Because of the artistic nature, we can't guaranty a dent or scrape will be placed in any specific location on your Wallbed, Cabinets or Desk Components. The process of distressing will be done using the professional judgment of the person performing the skill. Wilding Wallbeds distressing is considered to be medium by accepted standards. Wilding Wallbeds offers no warranty on distressing.

$150 Upcharge per job
Standard Distress Standard Distress More Examples

Farmhouse Distressing

The Farmhouse consists of a unique type of distressing and a burn through technique that gives your bed and cabinets an antiqued look. This option works very well on solid colors, but may also be used on stained finishes. If you choose to add Farmhouse Distressing to a Grade 2 or Grade 3 finish, the prices below will be an addition to the previous upcharges.

Wallbed:  $450 each
Cabinet:  $200 each
Office Component:  $100 each
Distressed Farmhouse finish Distressed Farmhouse finish Custom Remington in Alder wood with Red finish and Farmhouse Distressing
Finishes: Alder | Oak | Maple| Cherry| Mahogany| Paints