How To Create A Modern Bedroom


The world today is vastly different than it was just five years ago. If you haven’t upgraded your bedroom in a while, it might be time to make some changes to modernize it. And we’ve got a lot of cool ways to help you do just that.

The Murphy Bed

Perhaps nothing modernizes a bedroom like a Murphy Bed or Wallbed. A Wilding Wallbeds Murphy Bed is the perfect solution for anybody who wants to make the most of the space in their modern bedroom. They are impressive pieces of solid furniture that will expand about seven feet into the room when in use as a bed. And when you are done, it is easily raised out of the way. A modern bedroom would be the ideal place for a dual-function Murphy Bed. A bed that can serve more than one purpose would be a great asset for a busy lifestyle. And let’s face it — who isn’t busy these days? How nice would it be to have a bed that doubles at a desk that you can work at? Or a sofa, just to name a couple of examples. Plus, there are a bunch of cool features that can be added to really modernize your bedroom. Here’s a look at some of our favorites.

The Mattress

Any bed is only as good as its mattress. It is for sleeping after all — something that many of us will do for about a third of our lives. Wilding Wallbeds has teamed up with Serta® Mattress Company to produce a mattress that is specifically engineered to function in a Wallbed. These mattresses will need to stand on edge, unlike a traditional mattress, so different considerations are taken into account. When you put a standard mattress in a wallbed, padding or coils can come loose from the border rod which will create slumping or a bulge in the mattress. This won’t be a problem for our mattresses built specifically for wallbeds.

Slide Out Night Table

Many of our side cabinet selections also have this option available. It is basically a portable night stand. It’s there when you need it and easily slides away when you prefer the space for something else. The position of this night table can vary depending on which style of side cabinets you choose, but it rolls out right where you want it — at mattress height. The tray is attached to “Accuride” full extension 100 lb. glides, making it very durable. Whether you are sleeping in it yourself or reserve the bed for your guests, it is the perfect way to keep your nighttime necessities close by.

Lighting Options

A beautiful, functional, and safe LED touch lighting system is a must-have for your Wilding Wallbed in your modern bedroom. This system includes dual canister style lights, touch switch, control box, and safety cut-off. The lights fight right into the bridge board of your wallbed. All of the power cords are hidden away inside the cabinetry and will easily plug into any standard outlet. If you inadvertently leave the lights on, and begin to close the bed, the lights will automatically shut off before the bed even fully closes. You cannot accidentally leave the lights on! They will remain off until the re-open the bed and use the “touch switch”. Our light fixtures are available in black and use 2700K bulbs.
  • Cabinet lights — You’ll also have the option of lights inside your cabinets with any of our vertical bedside cabinets or upper cabinet selections. They can plug into any standard 110-volt power outlet. Lights are activated with a push-button switch inside the top of the cabinet. They’ll be a great addition that brings ambient warmth and beauty to your modern bedroom.
  • Desk lights — When you are looking at LED lighting options, don’t forget about your desk. You can choose to have lights installed along the bottom of your upper wall cabinets. Again, these lights will plug into any standard outlet. They are available 3000K (warm white) or 5000K (cool white).

Storage Headboard

Your Wilding Wallbed comes with the option of a storage headboard that features a split storage area that will access from either side. This option will increase your bed depth by 7” in the closed position. It’s big enough for pillows, additional bedding and more. Also, you can include our storage headboard bookshelves that attach above the headboard and room for all sorts of items.

Drop Down Desk Table

This is the most functional and beautiful drop down table in the industry. This drop down table attaches to the face of most vertical Wilding Wallbeds, giving you a surface that ranges from 36-48 inches long and 30 inches wide, depending on the model. The desk table will be designed specifically to match the style of bed you choose. In a spare room, home office, or your modern bedroom table functions like a desk. It provides plenty of space for working, using your laptop, or many other scenarios. Unlike other bed tables, this one has the capability to lock in the up position when the bed is up, or just lower the table into the working position. This is different from other tables that have to be in the down position when the bed is up. This gives you the ability to get the table out of your way when you want to. The drop down table is held securely in place by two “thumb-slide” locks positioned in the center of the table, one at the top and one at the bottom. These thumb-slides move just like they sound, just slide them up or down with your thumb. Because of the location of the upper lock (over six feet high) it is out of reach of small children, so there’s no chance of accidentally opening the table. This table is not compatible with all wallbeds.

Removable Pillow Guards

This feature is a solution that is unique to Wilding Wallbeds. How can you expect to get a good night of sleep if your pillow goes missing during the night? You won’t have to worry about that with these pillow guards. They’ll make sure your pillow stays in place while you sleep. This is one more example of the superior customer experience that you won’t find with our competitors. The pillow guards are easily installed and easily removed when the bed is not in use. You can store them beneath your mattress or against the wall inside the wallbed.

Safety Locks

This can be one of the most important features and is available for many of our Murphy Bed styles. This is a key-lock system that is positioned out of a child’s reach and located on each side of the bed. This feature ensures that your bed is safe and secure and it will not open unless you intend for it to open.

A Couple More

In addition to all of the options already mentioned, there are a couple additional options that you might want to consider for your wallbed.
  • Corner protectors — You could also refer to these as shin guards. When you wake up during the night, it can be difficult to get back to sleep. This is especially true if you smack your shin against the corner of the bed because you can’t see it in the dark. With these corner protectors, you won’t have to worry about those bumps and bruises.
  • Touch-up Kit — With this kit, you’ll have the necessary tools to keep your Murphy Bed looking great for years to come. It includes:
    • Professional filler stick and stain pen
    • Plastic scraper tool
    • Dusting and cleaning cloths

Wilding Wallbeds

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