HIDE YOUR BEDAre you looking for a beautiful and extremely comfortable bed that actually disappears when you are not using it? Look no further. Wilding Wallbeds are fantastic! The beds they make can fit into any decor you can possibly think of and the storage they provide (either by disappearing, or by providing actual storage) cannot be beat.

Do you have small bedrooms? Do any rooms in your home, apartment or studio need to serve more than one purpose? Do you just need more room in your room? Your solution to all of these issues is a great bed that can be hidden during all the hours you are not actually using it. The storage that a good hidden bed provides is two-fold. One, since it stores itself, all the room usually taken by a bed is now usable for everything else. The bed itself when folded up and hiding into a wall unit has less than the depth of a quality dresser or a high-end entertainment center. Two, the storage that can be built on either side is fantastic and can be built to whatever dimensions you may need. Cupboards, shelves and even a closet rod or two can be configured to add storage to your hidden bed.

Hidden beds, “fold-up” beds and Murphy beds are all terms meaning pretty much the same thing. The term “Murphy Bed” comes from William Lawrence Murphy who designed and patented the pivot and counterbalanced bed that is still so popular in the hidden bed market. With Murphy’s engineering and design of the most functional hidden bed, the market for hidden beds and the storage they provide are only growing more and more popular; they are a great way to make small spaces be extremely functional.

Wilding Wallbeds can serve all your needs when you are in the market for a bed you can hide while not in use, thus providing more actual living space and also storage solutions to all of your storage needs. You will find awesome designs you did not even know existed! For instance, did you know that a desk, a sofa or an entertainment center can become a bed? A beautiful bookcase with lots of storage space can actually hide a bed!

HIDE YOUR BED - Bunk BedsBunk beds can be built “Murphy” style to fold up against a wall with a depth of only 17 inches. And, when open, our bunk beds only require 45 inches from the wall to provide a good night’s sleep for two people. We offer standard size “twin over twin” bunk beds and also can build our bunk beds in twin extra long for those tall folks that need the extra room. The top bunk includes a three-sided guard rail that is bolted to the bed itself and folds neatly into the bed cabinet when the bed is closed. The bunk bed system also has a hardwood ladder for easy access to the top bunk. Not only will kids be delighted with the bunk beds and the extra room they provide when folded up, adults will be just as thrilled with the extra room when these are installed in cabins, summer homes, condos, dormitories and any other place that you need extra beds.

Wilding Wallbeds excels in storage space and cabinetry to match your hidden bed. There are side cabinets, bed-top cabinets, home office cabinets and custom built cabinetry for cabinets, cupboards and closet areas to meet any and all storage needs. All cabinets are built to match the style, wood finish and appearance of your hidden bed for a seamless installation and a very “built-in” look. One of the best features is that although our hidden beds and storage cabinets have that “built in” quality, when you do need to relocate them to another room or even another house, they are completely movable.

Wilding Wallbeds has four showrooms. If you live in the greater San Diego, Chino Hills, or El Segundo areas in California, visit our showrooms in those cities to meet us in person and see up close just what we have to offer in hidden beds and storage solutions. In Utah, we also have a showroom in St. George. We serve the rest of you with superb, low cost shipping and excellent customer service.