DIY Room Decor Ideas


The Ultimate Bed Care Guide Are you looking for a way to make sure that your room stands out and is unique? There are plenty of things you can do — including DIY room decor. Your DIY room decor does not have to be expensive or take lots of time to make a statement that you’ll be excited about. You can find some great ideas on Tumblr and Pinterest. (We’ll get to those later). There are also DIY room decor options that are much more impressive. For example.

The Do It Yourself Murphy Bed Kit

Murphy Bed Kit exploded viewThis kit comes complete in your choice of Oak, Alder, Maple, Cherry, or Mahogany wood. Each of the kit pieces comes sized and milled for all of the fittings and mechanism too. You’ll need to apply the wood edge tape, sand, finish, assemble, and set up this product. This kit now includes the edge tape trimmer too. Bed handles are not included. When you finish, you’ll have a fully functional Murphy Bed with your own personal touches. Additional Trim Kits are also available to add design and beauty to the bed face, sideboards, headboard, or wherever you would like to add detail. The Trim Kits are sold separately. Murphy Bed Kits are excluded from all shipping promotions that we may be running. Please call toll free 866-343-4523 for a shipping quote.

4 To Choose From

Wilding Wallbeds offers multiple options for those of you who enjoy the DIY room decor challenge. “We find the Do-It-Yourself customers are motivated by one of two things. 1 – They are simply looking for the least expensive way to own a Wallbed, or 2 – They are weekend woodworkers that want a challenge and want to build something they can call their very own”, explains Dan Wilding of Wilding Wallbeds. “We love the DIY concept, after all, that’s how we got into the business of wall beds, to begin with,” Dan continues. When customers speak, Wilding Wallbeds listens. In response, the DIY room decor customers, Wilding Wallbeds offers four different levels of DIY products. They are:
  • Mechanism only
  • DIY Kit
  • Banded and sanded kit
  • Finished but disassembled

What’s The Difference?

With each of these options, you will be able to create a unique piece using crown molding, face trims, or other options. These products come with the same high-quality of all Wilding Wallbeds. Each of the four options will include a handy set of instructions that are simple and easy to understand and follow. Plus, if you do need some assistance the Wilding Wallbeds team is just a call away. Here’s a closer look at the four options for DIY room decor.

Mechanism only

This is a great choice for the more hardy woodworker. This version will require more woodworking skills than others. This kit includes all of the metal mechanism parts and the necessary hardware. But you’ll need to supply the wood. This gives you the opportunity to have complete creative license. Choose your own trims and color as well as any additional side cabinetry for any additional storage you desire. When this project is finished, you’ll truly have your very own creation.

Do-It-Yourself Kit

Customer Made Do It Yourself Murphy Bed This version of the kit includes hardware, the Murphy Bed mechanism, edge tape, and all of the wood components needed. The wood components come with all of the mechanism holes already drilled precisely by a CNC router. Cutouts for the baseboards are already in place. It is designed to go with the Wilding Wallbed Light Kit — with sideboards grooved for the power cord so it will remain hidden. Go ahead, make this your own by selecting the trims and applying them in your chosen design. Your last step will be applying the sideboards finish that you want. The green bed image was accomplished using a Shaker Trim available as an option. This DIY customer found and applied their own handles and barn door hardware.

Banded and Sanded Kit

This kit is exactly like the Do-it-Yourself Kit except you don’t have to apply the edge banding yourself. Here the edge banding is applied by Wilding Wallbed’s computerized machinery in the Production Center. This kit has the precision of all of Wilding’s Murphy Beds and the same quality mechanism. Plus, you get to finish it the way you want to.

Finished but disassembled

This is the most simple option. They come with the mechanism and the plywood parts are already banded and sanded. They also come with a professional finish already applied in your requested color. This will ensure your product has a long-lasting furniture quality finish. The mechanism has a lifetime warranty. It will arrive at your home disassembled and all you have to do is put it together.

Tumblr And Pinterest

A quick search on either of these platforms will bring up all sorts of ideas for DIY room decor. For example, we found this blog on Tumblr. It offers some ways you can make the most of your small bedroom without forsaking decor. Those seven ways are colors, lighting, mirrors, style, furniture, measurements, and storage. There are countless similar posts with pretty cool ideas on Tumblr and Pinterest too. Many of those ideas can be achieved through Wilding Wallbeds products. Colors: Wilding Wallbeds products are available in a variety of woods, stains, and finishes. Lighting: Add a beautiful, functional, and safe touch light system. The system is designed so that the first time you touch the “touch switch,” the lights go to a low, medium or high setting. Style: There are several styles of beds at Wilding Wallbeds, including Murphy Beds, Dual Function Beds, Bookcase and Bunk Wallbeds, Home Office, and Sleep Clinics. In addition, there are a bunch more options for you to choose from to personalize your selection. Storage: You want more storage? With Wilding Wallbeds, you can have more storage. There is the Storage Headboard that is perfect for pillows, blankets, etc. An added option for our Storage Depth models is the Storage Headboard Bookshelves which attach above the headboard and give you ample book storage or knick-knack space. There are also several options for cabinets that you can choose from.

Bookshelves Looking Cluttered?

A nicely arranged bookshelf can be as appealing to a room as a window view if you take some time to make it look nice. We put together a few tips on how to decorate your bookshelf.
  1. Add color or mirrors to the back wall of your shelves to give them depth. Choose colors that are a couple of shades darker than the outside of the shelf.
  2. Once you decide what to do with the back of the shelves, it’s time to add the books. Arrange the books by size and subject. Mix it up by having some horizontally as well as vertically. Keep the books grouped, but leave space on some of the shelves for other things.
  3. With the books all in place, now you can add pictures, decorations, and other eye-catching items to give the shelves some character. Be creative with colors. Even a few simple objects can give a shelf a more visually interesting look.

Contact Wilding Wallbeds

When you are looking for DIY room decor ideas, options for Murphy Beds or other furniture, make sure you speak with the team at Wilding Wallbeds. When you have some DIY room decor ideas that you like, they can help you take it to a whole new level.