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Q: Does Wilding Wallbeds offer Desk Murphy Beds?

Desk Murphy Bed

A: Yes, Wilding Wallbeds has several options that are classified as Murphy Desk Beds. The main options are the Disappearing Desk Bed, the Studio Desk and the Drop Down Table.

  • The Drop Down Table is the most basic option for a Murphy bed with a desk. It is a desk that folds down from the face of the majority of our Murphy Beds. It is a great option for small project table or some extra workspace.
  • The Studio Desk is designed to function more as an everyday work surface, the desk is the width of the bed and offers a convenient 8″ of clearance that can be left on the desktop when the bed is in use.
  • The Disappearing Desk Bed offers the largest desk with the largest clearance. It is a side mount so the desk runs the length of the bed and allows for 17″ to be left on the desk when the bed is in use.

Q: How large is the Murphy Desk Bed’s work surface?

A: The size of the work surface depends on a few things; the Murphy Desk Bed option you choose, the size of the bed and the style you choose. Here are the general dimensions for the available options.

  • Disappearing Desk Bed: Queen size is 80″ x 26.5″, the Full and Twin sizes are 75″ x 26.5″
  • Studio Desk: King size is 78.25″ x 21″, Queen size is 62.25″ x 21″, Full size is 56.25″ x 21″ and Twin size is 41.25″ x 21″
  • The Drop Down Table on a HomeFront bed is approximately 47″ x 28″, the drop down table on a Studio bed is approximately 36″ x 30″. The width can vary somewhat depending on the style of bed.
Desk Murphy Bed

Q: Is the desk portion of my Murphy Desk Bed always extended in the room?

A: The desk portions of the Studio Desk and the Disappearing Desk bed are always extended when the bed is closed. The Drop Down Table on the other hand can be opened and closed as needed. This makes the Studio Desk and Disappearing Desk bed great options for more formal/permanent offices, whereas the Drop Down Table works great as a temporary workspace/project table.

Q: Can I leave my computer on the desk when the Murphy Bed is in use?

Desk Murphy Bed

A: The Drop Down table has no clearance so the desk needs to be cleaned off every time that the bed is deployed. The Studio Desk has 8″ of clearance so a laptop, notepad, tablet, and any papers can be left on the desk, but nothing can be taller than 8″. The Disappearing Desk Bed has a 17″ clearance, this means that most monitors and computers will be able to stay on the murphy desk bed as the bed is in use.

Q: Can a Murphy Desk Bed come with lights?

A: Yes, the Disappearing Desk Bed has an optional Light Bridge that extends out over the desk with two LED can lights that shine down on the work surface. When the bed is in use the same lights shine down on the mattress making good reading lights for your guests. The Studio Desk and Drop Down Table are both available to have lights added to the top of the bed providing lights for your guests when the bed is in use.

Q: Where do I plug in my computer on the Murphy bed with a desk?

A: The Disappearing Desk bed comes with a grommet hole in the back that cords can run down through; but to make things easier, Wilding Wallbeds also offers a Power Outlet that includes 4 plugs and a USB port. The plugs are all surge protected. This power outlet sinks into the desktop creating a clean, stylish look, and gives you the convenience of having access to power right on your work surface.

Q: Are Murphy Desk Beds available in different colors?

A: Like all Wilding Wallbeds, the Murphy Beds with Desks are all available in any of our woods and stains. We work with 6 woods; Oak, Alder, Maple, Cherry, Mahogany and Paint Grade. On each of these woods we have many different color options available, allowing you to choose something that is exactly what you like. In addition to choosing the colors, each of these Murphy Desk Bed options also come in various styles so you can also choose a style to give your desk bed the personality to match your home.

Q: How much weight can a Desk Murphy Bed hold?

Desk Murphy Bed

A: The Studio Series Beds and the Disappearing Desk Beds are all tested to 2,000 lbs. The HomeFront Series Beds are tested to 4,000 lbs. The desks on the murphy beds are also able to hold a lot of weight, we have put over 200 lbs on the Drop Down Table and the Disappearing Desk Bed’s desk. We don’t recommend storing that much weight on the desk because it makes it heavier to lift and lower, but they desks can all handle plenty of weight for your printer, computer, monitor and other items you might want on your desk.

Q: What are Wilding Wallbeds Murphy Desk Beds made out of?

A: Like all Wilding Wallbeds, our Desk Murphy Bed options are all made out of real wood. We only use hardwood and all-wood furniture grade ply. This careful selection of only the highest quality materials available is what allows us to give our Murphy Desk Beds a life-time warranty. It is also what allows our beds to function so well, and to maintain their original quality over a lifetime.

Q: Can I use my own mattress with a Desk Murphy Bed?

Desk Murphy Bed

A: Wilding Wallbed’s Murphy Desk Bed options can all take standard sized mattresses up to 12″ thick. This means that yes, you can use your own mattress. The catch is that most mattresses aren’t engineered to stand on end, so storing your mattress in a Murphy Bed can damage the mattress and void the warranty. Because of this, Wilding Wallbeds has partnered with Serta to develop an exclusive line of mattresses designed specifically to function in a Wall Bed. These mattresses, along with being competitively priced, are all guaranteed to fit, to last, and are warrantied for 10 years in a Wilding Wallbed, including the Murphy Desk Bed options.

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