Creating the Perfect Workspace with a Murphy Desk Bed

Everything you need to know to design your perfect Murphy bed / desk combo

By Caden

Creating a proper workspace is critical in being productive in a home office. I am sure that I am not the only one who found themselves in a less than ideal home office during the months of covid social distancing. My workspace happened to be a card table set up at the foot of my bed. I found that this not-so-great set up really affected my productivity. The problem is most of us need to set up a home office in spare rooms that also need to function as a guest room, or even an everyday bedroom. This is where a Murphy Desk bed comes in. A Murphy Desk bed allows you to have a fully functioning office during the day, then a perfect bedroom at night, without disturbing your workstation.

What is a Murphy Desk bed?

 A Murphy Desk bed is the best way to get both a comfortable guest bed and large desk in the same space. It features a desk on the face of a Murphy bed. The desk uses specialized hardware that keeps it all level as the bed opens and closes so there is no need to clear off your desk to pull the bed down. The desk simply rotates underneath the bed leaving your computer, papers, and anything else exactly where you left it on your desk. You can leave anything up to 17” tall on the desktop. The Murphy bed is side mounted, so the mattress runs parallel with the wall when it is open. This means that the desk runs the length of the mattress giving your maximum desktop space. The Murphy Desk bed is available in Queen, Full or Twin. The dimensions are as follows.


How much weight can a Murphy Desk bed hold?

A common question with Murphy beds in general, and Murphy Desk beds specifically is “How much weight can a Murphy Desk bed hold?” The answer is simple, they can hold 2000 lbs on the bed so there are no issues with anyone being too large to use the bed. The desk can hold up to 200 lbs, but the weight added to the desktop makes it heavier to lift and lower, so we recommend keeping the desk load to around 40 lbs. 

The 2000 lbs limit is only possible because we use all real wood. Our Murphy Desk beds are built out of solid wood, and furniture grade plywood. There is not a single piece of melamine, laminate, or particle board in the furniture. Using quality materials leverages the natural strength of wood to give you a stable and durable piece of furniture. 

How to create the perfect workspace with a Murphy Desk bed?

Creating a perfect workspace is an interesting feat because we all work a little differently, need unique things, and have individual preferences. Thankfully, every Murphy Desk bed is made specifically for each person, so you get to take your pick of countless options tailoring your furniture to your space and needs. 

Style Choice

We have a wide range of furniture styles. From sleek and modern to casual and homie, there is certain to be a style that fits your tastes and matches your space. In addition you also get to choose the wood and finish you would like to get the perfect color and tone is no problem at all.

LED Light Bridge

The LED Light Bridge is a cap that can attach to the top of the Murphy Desk bed cabinet overhanging the desktop. It has two built-in LED lights which are switch operated. The light shines down as a desk light when the bed is closed, and as a bed reading light when the bed is open.

Power Outlet

The FC-747 is a power outlet that can be built into the desktop. It has 4 110v outlets, and 1 USB port. This is the most convenient way to provide power to anything you need on your desktop. If one FC 747 isn’t enough, no worries, you can have as many as you would like on your desktop.

Side Cabinets

Side cabinets are where you can really start to add a lot of unique function to your room. They are independent cabinets that can attach to the sides of the Murphy Desk bed cabinet. These side cabinets can include drawers, doors, storage shelves, bookshelves, wardrobe rods, and even locking file drawers. The side cabinets are available in any width, but the standard sizes are 18”, 24”, and 30”.

How to create the perfect sleeping experience with a Murphy Desk bed?

Creating the perfect sleeping experience all comes down to the mattress. A Murphy bed is as comfortable as the mattress you put on it. We have a wide selection of custom-built Serta mattresses. These mattresses have been designed and engineered to stand on their side without slumping, sagging, or damaging the core. This makes a mattress from Wilding Wallbeds the right choice. It is guaranteed to fit, guaranteed to last, and we have a nice range of comfort levels, so you can rest assured knowing that you are providing the perfect sleeping experience for your guests.

The final option that can help improve the quality of sleep is adding the removable pillow keeper. This clever option slides in at the head of the bed and gives you a headboard to lean against and keeps the pillows from falling off the head of the bed. So no sleep is disrupted by lost pillows.

Let’s get started.

Let’s get started on creating a perfect workstation for you. To get started just give us a call at (866) 877-7803 and we can go over all the options, get you any color samples you might want, put together quotes and drawings and answer any of your questions. If you happen to live near one of our showrooms, you can also pop into one of our stores to see our Murphy Desk bed in person.

Caden Wilding, author at Wilding wallbeds

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