Who makes the best custom furniture in El Segundo?

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Finding Furniture in any of the "off-the-shelf" furniture stores is a nightmare. Getting locked into wandering for hours and looking over hundreds of pieces just to end up settling for something less than what you need. It’s incredibly frustrating. Not to mention a huge waste of your time. That’s why so many of us opt for custom furniture. You get exactly what you need without burning up all your time and energy. Now, If I told you that the Wilding Wallbeds Showroom in El Segundo California might be just the place you're looking for, you'd probably think I was crazy. That's where you'd be mistaken.

El Segundo, California showroom

Wilding Wallbeds got its start as a custom woodworking shop. The first wallbeds they produced were, in fact, custom orders. They were so successful at adapting their Wallbeds for custom designs that they grew into a full scale manufacturing facility.

Manhattan style home office with Scape style handles

If you’ve never been to the El Segundo showroom. I highly suggest it. The showroom floor houses many of Wilding Wallbed’s most modern designs. Including one of their many custom office desk units. The home office unit is a great example of how one of Wilding’s wall beds can be beautifully customized to incorporate any of your functional needs. The custom office display utilizes a file drawer cabinet, desktop and a variety of upper cabinets to create a space that can be used a guest bedroom or, just as easily, a large office work space.

Most of Wilding bed designs come with this same adaptability. So it’s as simple as bringing in your needs and expressing them to one of the qualified members of the El Segundo Showroom team.

So how does it work?

If you’re lucky enough to live in the El Segundo, Westchester, or Manhattan beach area, the showroom is right in your backyard. For everyone else you might have to drive a little, but I promise it’s worth it. Rich and the crew at the El Segundo showroom will make it worth your while. When it comes to custom furniture orders communication is key. This is where the experience of the El Segundo staff really shows through. They will sit and discuss any and all of your concerns, and help direct you through the complex process. A line design will then be drawn up for your approval, giving you a visual representation of how your custom furniture will look upon completion.

Furniture Line Drawing

Once this drawing is to your satisfaction, and with your approval, the order goes on to one of the skilled designers at Wilding’s state of the art production facility. This is where your custom furniture will be designed, milled, cut out, shaped, assembled, finished, and finally, shipped out to meet you.

What about the installation?

By definition all custom furniture orders come with varying degrees of complexity. That being said, you’ll have a few options when it comes to your delivery and installation.

The first option is probably the most obvious and opted for solution is to have one of Wilding’s El Segundo installation crews take care of the setup. If you’re a Southern California local and want to forego any extra stress and hassle then this option is definitely in your best interest. A crew will contact you to schedule a time to deliver and install your custom Wilding Wallbed unit.

Wilding Installation Truck and Trailer

The second option is DIY. I know that this method isn’t for everyone but in the El Segundo area there are still plenty handymen left out there. Wilding is aware that there’s some people that really take pride in saving a buck and getting their hands dirty, so to speak. Luckily for these guys Wildings Beds are built to assemble with relative ease. Wilding has also invested tremendous time into creating their how to installation videos and instructions. Which can be viewed streaming on their website or on YouTube. Definitely check out these resources if you’re considering the DIY route.


The third option is a 3rd party involvement. Although it’s not always recommended, it is possible to have a 3rd party install your Wilding Wallbed. In some cases you might be using a local contractor or handyman for other work on your home, or maybe you have a friend or family member that works in the trade. It’s not a problem. Wilding frequently collaborate with 3rd parties on behalf of their customers. In most cases they are especially pleased to work with Wilding’s beds and cabinets. This is due to the ease of the installations process as well as the outstanding customer support Wilding Wallbeds offers.

So if you’re looking around for Custom Furniture in the El Segundo, California area go check out the Wilding Wallbed showroom at 446 Main Street, El Segundo, CA 90245 or give them a call at (424) 286-0966. Rich and the crew will be more than happy to see you.