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Chino Hills Office Furniture

Wilding Wallbeds is Chino Hill’s premier manufacturer of office furniture. Thanks to technological advances more and more of us are finding was to work from home rather than commuting to the office. This is especially common in places like Chino Hills where the rush hour traffic can turn a 40 mile drive into an all-day affair. This trend in working from home has created a new importance in having custom designed office furniture specific to your office space, and your needs. Wilding Wallbeds has designed a line of customizable office furniture to assist you in creating the perfect home office.

How do I start?

The first step to getting your own custom office furniture from Wilding Wallbeds is simply measuring your intended area. These measurements don’t need to be complicated or technical. Wilding Wallbeds just needs to know how big of an area you have to work with, and the general size of desk you are interested in. If you are uncomfortable doing the measurements yourself, then you can schedule a time with one of the sales reps in the Chino Hills showroom to come out to your home to assist you with the measurements. If you already have an idea of the layout you are interested in, you can draw out a rough sketch and email a picture of it to your sales rep, or just bring it in to the Chino Hills showroom. From there Wilding Wallbeds will draw out your room in a CAD program then add the possible combinations of office furniture that you might be interested in. After that there is just a little fine tuning the options to find the perfect solution for your room.

What Options Are Available?

Wilding Wallbeds breaks up their office furniture into three categories.

  • Desktops
  • Pedestals
  • Upper Cabinets


Wilding Wallbeds desktops can be whatever size and shape you need. The two most common configurations are a rectangular desk, or an “L” shaped desk. It is easily determined which configuration will work for you based on the layout and dimensions of your room. Each desktop comes with your choice of either a keyboard tray, or pencil drawer located on the underside of the desktop above the knee hole. In addition to this you can choose the number of, and locations of grommet holes in the desktop. Another great option for desk tops are the power outlet options. These are a convenient and attractive way to bring power to your desk top.


Pedestals are the base cabinets located underneath the desktop. Wilding Wallbeds offer’s its Chino Hills clients a number of different pedestals to choose from. These pedestals can be done in any width or depth, but the dimensions are generally determined by the layout of the desktop and the dimensions of the room. The pedestal options are as follows.

  • Bookcase Pedestal
  • Door Pedestal
  • Door and Drawer Pedestal
  • 3 Drawer Pedestal
  • File Drawer Pedestal
  • File/Pencil Drawer Pedestal

Each file drawer pedestal comes with the proper hardware for hanging files, and the hardware can be adjusted for either legal or lateral, unless the dimensions of the cabinet prohibit the file orientation. The file drawers also each come with a lock and key to ensure that your documents are kept safe and private. Another popular option for Chino Hills customers is the Printer Slide Out Tray that can be added to the Door, or Door and Drawer Pedestals. This is a convenient sliding tray on which the printer can sit to allow you to store your printer inside the pedestal, then simply slide it out for use.

Upper Cabinets

Upper Cabinets are the office furniture component that is attached to the wall above the desk top. These cabinets can either be open Bookcase Upper Cabinets, or closed Door Upper Cabinets. Once again they can be whatever dimension you need, but generally the dimensions are determined by the layout of the desk and the dimensions of your room. These upper cabinets come standard with two wooden adjustable shelves, but you have the option to upgrade to glass shelves if you are interested in them for display. You also have the option of adding glass doors instead of the standard wood doors on the Door Upper Cabinets.

What Style Options are Available?

In the spirit of customization Wilding Wallbeds offers their office furniture in any of their styles. This means that you can create a sleek modern office using the Scape or Edge designs, or you can create an elegant traditional office using the Tuscany, or Presidential II designs. With 15 unique styles to choose from, you are sure to find something to match the style you are looking for.

Wilding Wallbeds offers eight different standard wood choices of office furniture to its Chino Hills California customers.

  • Oak
  • Alder
  • Knotty Alder
  • Paint Grade
  • Cherry
  • Rustic Cherry
  • African Mahogany
  • Quarter Sawn Oak

In addition to these nine standard wood choices, Wilding Wallbeds also has access to a number of other woods, so if you don’t see one you are interested in above, simply give your Chino Hills sales rep a call, and they will be able to see if it is available. In addition to the different wood choices, Wilding Wallbeds offers close to 30 different stains to choose from. If you are interested in matching a specific color, just bring in a sample and Wilding Wallbeds will match your stain.

How is the quality?

Wilding Wallbeds in a high end manufacture of office furniture, wall beds, murphy beds, and other space saving options. Only the finest quality of hardwoods, and furniture grade ply woods are used. Wilding Wallbeds doesn’t use particle board, and only has one Melamine option. This careful selection of materials is done to ensure that your office furniture last a life-time. The construction techniques are a mixture of old school cabinet joinery, and modern technology. Every home office from Wilding Wallbeds comes with a life-time warranty and a satisfaction guarantee. The only question left is… What are you waiting for?

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