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Chino Hills, California Bedroom Furniture

Chino Hills Parkway Suite 660, Chino Hills, CA 91709

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This is not a trick question: What is a bedroom? The simple Miriam-Webster definition is:



  1. A room furnished with a bed and intended primarily for sleeping.

Ok, then … so what do we call a room furnished with a “wallbed” (also known as a Murphy Bed)?

Since the room is now no longer primarily for sleeping, is it still a bedroom?

Nope, the room is now multi-functional and can be used for a myriad of other purposes besides sleeping. For example, it can be a home office, an exercise room, a kids’ playroom or a hobby room. And, of course, when necessary the room can be an extremely comfortable “bedroom” for overnight guests.

There are many bedroom furniture stores in Chino Hills, but only one that sells wall beds. Welcome to Wilding Wallbeds in beautiful Chino Hills, California.

Chino Hills is conveniently located in San Bernardino County — bordering Riverside, Los Angeles, and Orange Counties. The location allows Wilding Wallbeds to deliver and set-up wallbeds and other space-saving furniture throughout nearly all of southern California.

According to Zillow, the current median price of homes listed for sale in Chino Hills is $725,000, and the median price per square foot is $326. That means the value of an average 10’ x 10’ guest room is $32,600. A wallbed takes up a minimum of 16” of space in the room when not needed for sleeping, which enables that $32,600 amount of space to be used for purposes other than just occasional sleeping.

So what are wallbeds, and why Wilding?

First and foremost, you shouldn’t say “Wallbeds” without first saying “Wilding”.

Wilding Wallbeds is the premier North American manufacturer of wallbeds, also commonly known as Murphy Beds. Family-owned Wilding Wallbeds was founded more than two decades ago in St. George, Utah and still builds everything right there. The Wilding Wallbed’s story began with Bob Wilding making a living by crafting custom furniture for neighbors and friends out the family garage. After Bob received a request one day to build a custom Murphy Bed for a neighbor, the rest was history. Twenty-five years later that first Wilding Wallbed is still in use – and likely will be in use for decades to come.

From the very beginning, quality and customer service have been the company’s top priorities. The same standards and procedures remain today 25 years later. Wilding Wallbeds are the best way to get dual functionality out of your limited space at home. If you have a “regular” bed, rather than a wallbed in your guest room, the bed takes up practically the entire room. With living costs and expenses in California always on the rise, each and every square inch of your living space is of value, and not to be wasted.

Whether you own a small to medium-size home, rent a small studio apartment or are building your dream retirement home, Wilding Wallbeds is able to meet and exceed your needs to help you save and utilize the most of your space, increase functionality, and provide beautiful aesthetics to any shape or size of room. One of the great things about Wilding Wallbeds is that they are portable – if you move, you can easily take your Wilding Wallbed with you.

We mix an even balance by using state-of-the-art equipment for precision, while still maintaining hands-on craftsmanship with each and every order, and all our products are made right here in the USA. We offer a wide variety of both vertical and horizontal bed models to meet your styling and decor preferences, along with more than 20 different wood stains and finishes, and many different choices of wood, including Oak, Alder, African Mahogany and Cherry. We also provide you the option to choose from multiple selections of side cabinets and wardrobes, as well as full office and desk components. In addition, all of the hardware and bed lifting mechanisms come with a lifetime warranty. Without question, your experience will be a pleasant reminder that there is still a company that puts the same time and energy into their products that they do with their customers, and that company is Wilding Wallbeds.

Here are some examples of Wilding Wallbeds space-saving solutions:

Tuscany Wall Bed

Tuscany is the name of a spectacular region in Italy known for its scenic beauty, sophistication and culture. Tuscany is also the name of Wilding’s most strikingly beautiful Wall Bed. Our motto is “Saving Space Beautifully”. There’s no better way to accomplish that objective than the Tuscany Wall Bed. The Tuscany is the crown jewel of our top-of-the-line Gallery Series. It’s gorgeous Tuscan style solid wood raised panel face, exquisite French curves, decorative fluted columns, and charming rosettes set the Tuscany apart from all other styles. The solid hardwood on the Tuscany’s face is carefully chosen and selectively matched for color uniformity. The Tuscany will, without doubt, be a beautiful addition to your guest room, but you may also want to consider the Tuscany for your living room, family room or anywhere else space is at a premium.

Murphy Desk bed

The Murphy Desk Bed allows you to turn any space into a home office and guest bedroom simultaneously. It utilizes a hinging system that keeps the desk parallel to the floor as the bed is opened or closed. There is no need to clear your desktop to transition the Desk to a Bed. What a great concept!

Sofa Murphy Bed

The Sofa Murphy Bed is just one more way Wilding Wallbeds has married both space saving with functionality. The Sofa Murphy Bed has been a solution for hotels that long ago realized that pull-out sofa beds were uncomfortable, difficult to set up and, honestly, a liability with their scissor-like retractable frames. The Sofa Murphy Bed solution allows the use of a Murphy Bed in a living room or entertainment room without compromising valuable space for seating. With the Murphy Bed in the down position, you will no longer have to dread an uncomfortable night that is often associated with sleeping in an uncomfortable standard sofa bed.

Once you experience the comfort and beauty of a Wilding Sofa Murphy Bed you may be tempted to make it your every night sleeping solution. Wilding realizes that the aesthetics of home furnishings are as important as the quality and durability.

With that in mind, the sofa material selection comes in multiple colors that designers have chosen to best fit in with the décor of a space. Wilding Wallbeds has been assisting homeowners, hotels, and offices to reclaim this valuable space for over two decades and is well known in the industry as the manufacturer with the highest standards for products and craftsmanship. You will appreciate the all real wood (NO particle board) products that Wilding Wallbeds is recognized for. This combination of Sofa and Murphy Bed will surely add appeal and envy to all that enter your living space.