Posted by Wilding on June 15th, 2020

St. George Murphy Beds

Summer is finally here! Now, probably more than ever, people are looking forward to the chance to spend time with family and friends and reconnect. (Assuming the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic is over — let's keep our fingers crossed).

The St. George area has a lot of beautiful attractions and great weather that bring visitors from around the country. When they come to visit you, why not spoil them with a beautiful Wilding Wallbed to sleep in?

There is just something about a Murphy Bed that people love. Maybe nostalgia for an earlier time or the allure of the unexpected. You don't expect a gorgeous queen size bed to elegantly descend out of an artful's a bit magical!

Wilding Wallbeds is the premier purveyor of St. George wall beds. They are easy to set up and install and will come with detailed instructions and a tutorial video. You really can do it yourself! We have an impressive variety of high-quality Murphy beds and wall beds that will fit any style and space.

If you've never been to our St. George showroom (1509 South 270 East Suite 3 in St. George) to see our wall beds and Murphy Beds in person, now is a great time to come in and see what they are all about. Here's a brief introduction to what you'll see when you come.


Wall Beds And Murphy Beds

These are just what you are probably thinking they are — beds that come down from a wall or cabinet. We're confident that you'll be impressed by the quiet and strong lift mechanisms that our beds feature. They are easy to operate, always smooth, and never “jerky”.

Our furniture is available in a vast selection of colors, finishes, and styles. And we use only premium plywoods and solid woods. In fact, Wilding Wallbeds uses plywood that is explicitly made just for our production. We have gone to great lengths working with our suppliers to make sure that this plywood has greater quality and durability than what other companies are using. It features seven layers of solid wood combined to form one high-quality product. Those layers are placed on top of each other using a method called cross graining. Using this method virtually eliminates the chance of bowing or warping if your wood gets exposed to dry or humid conditions. At the end of the process, all surfaces are attached together with a formaldehyde-free product.

Our wall beds are made from premium plywoods and solid woods and come in a vast selection of colors, finishes, and styles. We also can customize many beds for size and style, so if you have a special space or idea in mind, we can build a bed to fit it.

Murphy Bunk Beds

You read that right. We make bunk beds too! These are stylish and can be made to match any decor style. They are sturdy enough to provide years of comfort for both kids and adults. These are perfect in a room for the kids, but that is not all. Our bunk beds are also a tremendous way to enhance any space for sleeping. This is especially true for places like cabins, vacation homes, fire stations, and dorms. They operate on a very quiet piston system and are very easy to bring down and back up.

All of our Murphy Bunk Beds are constructed of the highest quality furniture grade plywood and solid hardwood. The Bunk Beds utilize the dependable and "whisper quiet" piston lift system that is guaranteed for life. Also included is a three sided guard rail on the upper bunk that is securely bolted to the bed box and folds neatly into the bed cabinet as the bed is closed and a hardwood ladder for easy access. Our Bunk Beds have a unique fully cantilevered top bunk that requires no support rods or bars to interfere with access to either bunk.

Murphy Desk Beds

This is an ideal option for anybody that has work to do. Who doesn't have work to do these days? These Murphy Beds have a desk mounted to the cabinet that you can work on during the day (or whatever your waking hours are) and then when you are ready to sleep, the desk folds up underneath the bed when it is lowered.

This is a great way to save space in your home by having your desk and bed combined into one high-quality piece of functional furniture. We make two very unique styles of a desk bed — the Disappearing Desk Bed, and the Studio Desk Bed.

Both options would be an excellent investment for your home. Whether you are working from home for your job or just need a place to get your personal work done and don't have a home office. Plus, the bed is a much better option than sleeping on the couch. Perfect for turning a workspace into guest space in an instant.

Bookcase Wallbeds

This style offers the look of dignified bookshelves with the ability to pivot open and reveal a bed that pulls down. This is a great addition to a home office, family room, or any other place where you might need additional storage and sleeping space. Standard Bookcase Wallbeds will hold up to 200 lbs. per bookcase section (400 lbs. total), while the Bi-Fold Bookcase Wallbeds will hold up to 60 lbs. per bookcase section (240 lbs. total) evenly distributed. The bookcase cabinets on the front of the bed are 8 1/4" deep.


Why Choose Wilding Wallbeds?

Our phenomenal space-saving furniture allows you to reclaim valuable floor space for daily living. We vow to match or beat any competitor's pricing or services. We can do this because we are the manufacturer, so pricing is direct, saving you thousands of dollars on comparable products. We have been building and shipping wall beds across the United States and internationally since 1997. As if that wasn’t enough, here are a couple more reasons why you’ll want to contact us today!

Return Policy

The Wilding Wallbeds return policy is that the customer is responsible for the round trip freight if your furniture has already been produced/shipped. There is a 15 percent minimum restocking fee. We recommend working with a member of our team to ensure that your order will be exactly what you want it to be. Make sure you measure everything! We would love to hear from you to assess your situation and assist you through the process. For more information about our return policy, you can visit this page.

Our Warranty

Wilding Wallbeds offers the most comprehensive warranties in the Murphy Bed industry. Our 30-day 100 percent money-back guarantee shows just how confident we are that our products will meet your every expectation. Nowhere else will you find the following triple guarantee of reliability. (Our warranty does not cover purchases made outside of the continental United States)

  1. Your bed will reflect the latest innovative technology and style. We have the largest selection of beds with over 18 styles and models, 14 high-quality finishes, and 8 different real wood components.
  2. We are the only wall bed company that lets you use your bed for 30 days and if you're not satisfied, return it! (freight not included)
  3. Both our spring lift and piston lift mechanisms are covered with a lifetime warranty.