Are Murphy Cabinet Beds Comfortable?

Murphy Cabinet Beds are a great way to save space–but are they comfortable?

Murphy cabinet beds are a fairly new piece of space-saving furniture, and they are fantastic. They have a very unique design and function that boasts some very specific perks. For example, where most Murphy beds must be mounted to the wall, Murphy cabinet beds can be totally freestanding. Additionally, where most queen Murphy beds are about 7 feet tall, Murphy cabinet beds are about 3 ½ feet tall. In order to fit an entire queen mattress into such a small space, the mattress must be a very unique 6” thick tri-fold memory foam mattress. When customers see this mattress the first question they ask is if it offers a comfortable sleeping surface for their guests.

So, are Murphy cabinet beds comfortable? The short answer is yes. The mattress is entirely constructed out of memory foam that provides a surprising amount of support and comfort. Additionally, while the mattress has two seams to allow it to fold up, you simply cannot feel them when you are laying on the bed. In truth, this simple mattress punches well above its weight. A more nuanced answer to that question must consider what alternatives you are comparing the mattress to. So, let’s take a few minutes and compare a Murphy cabinet bed’s mattress to some of the most popular spare mattresses that you are likely to consider.

Hide-away Sofa Bed

It can be tempting to purchase a hide-away sofa as a 2-in-1 option, but after sitting on the sofa and laying on the mattress, you will quickly find that, in the pursuit of being both a mattress and a sofa, these products do neither very well. Most of these mattresses are incredibly thin, allowing you to feel the metal bars in the frame below. A Murphy cabinet bed simply blows hide-away beds out of the water. There is no contest whatsoever. Murphy cabinet bed mattresses are a much more comfortable option for your guests.

Air Mattress

Air mattresses have come a long way from the thick rectangular balloons they used to be. Nowadays, there are some air mattresses that are thick, soft, and use unique techniques to create a fairly comfortable sleeping surface. However, they offer nearly no true support, they are extremely bouncy, and they almost always lose air in the middle of the night and must be partially re-inflated. Once again, Murphy cabinet beds are a much more comfortable option to offer your guests.


Futons are a unique 2-in-1 combination of sofa and mattress that are a popular option in space-starved areas like big cities. However, mattresses and couch cushions are not designed in the same way. Couch cushions are designed to be firm enough to sit on and prop you up comfortably while mattresses are designed to conform to your entire body’s contours in order to support your every curve. Murphy cabinet bed mattresses are designed to be real mattresses, meaning they will support your back, hips, shoulders, and spine much better than a futon. Once again, the point here goes to the Murphy cabinet beds.

Murphy beds

A Murphy bed is the only type of space-saving furniture that will allow you to use a real mattress. Therefore, the comfort levels vary dramatically. Some Murphy beds use very low-quality mattresses that are uncomfortable, others use high-quality mattresses that are very comfortable. In general, Murphy beds have a higher potential for comfort when compared to Murphy cabinet beds. If you invest in a high-quality Murphy bed mattress, you’ll find it is more comfortable than a Murphy cabinet bed. However, if you choose a low-end mattress for your Murphy bed, the Murphy cabinet bed could end up being the more comfortable choice.

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Put simply, a Murphy Cabinet Bed mattress is more-than adequate for a guest bed. In fact, it is more comfortable than nearly any other alternatives, including hide-away beds, air mattresses, and futons. Indeed, it is more comfortable than many normal guest bedroom mattresses or hotel mattresses as the memory foam core is such a high-quality, comfortable material.

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