Are Murphy Beds Actually Comfortable?

A Murphy bed mattress can be just as comfortable as any other mattress. Here’s what you need to know to find the perfect solution for you.

By Brandon

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Murphy beds, also known as wall beds, are becoming increasingly popular as people look for space-saving solutions in their homes. Murphy beds are the perfect choice for a room where you want a real bed (not a sofa sleeper) but you simply can’t devote all of the space in the room for the bed. One question that many people have is if Murphy beds are actually comfortable. The answer is yes, Murphy beds can be just as comfortable as traditional beds, but the key to comfort lies in the mattress. 

Buying a great Murphy bed, then using an uncomfortable mattress completely defeats the purpose. There are several factors that go into making sure that your Murphy bed is comfortable. This article will dive into these key things, and help you choose the perfect option for you.

Mattress Size

The first thing to consider when choosing a Murphy bed is the size of the mattress. Not all Murphy beds can fit a standard size mattress, which can limit your options. When shopping, always check that the Murphy bed is for a standard sized mattress.

Additionally, many Murphy beds don’t fit thick enough mattresses to give you actual support. You’ll find some that can only fit a 6” or 8” pad. Most can fit a 10” simple mattress. At Wilding Wallbeds, our Murphy beds can fit up to 12″ thick mattresses, which means that there is plenty of room for a supportive and comfortable mattress. Many of these Murphy beds that require a smaller mattress will tout their slat system for support. In reality nothing is going to support as well as a thicker mattress.

Murphy bed mattress vs standard mattress
A Murphy bed mattress vs. standard mattress

Murphy Bed Mattress

Another critical thing to understand when it comes to Murphy bed comfort is that most mattress aren’t able to be stored on end. This means that using the wrong mattress (even if it is really high end) will slump and sag when the Murphy bed is closed. This slumping and sagging are the guts of the mattress sliding to the head of the bed, and crumpling together. It causes permanent damage to the mattress, which leads to a less-than-ideal sleeping surface. For this reason, Wilding Wallbeds has a line of mattresses specifically designed for Murphy beds. This line of Murphy bed mattresses is comprised of a selection of Serta’s PerfectSleeper series and iComfort series that have been modified to perform in a Murphy bed. 

These mattresses don’t have pocketed coils, latex, & don’t employee some standard mattress construction techniques that don’t work well in a Murphy bed. Instead, they are designed with materials that can handle the unique demands of a wall bed, and the various layers are bound together in a much more substantial way. The result is a mattress that is comfortable, supportive, and long-lasting. Serta backs each of these mattresses with their 10-year warranty while stored in a Wilding Wallbed. If you simply bought a PerfectSleeper or iComfort mattress from your local mattress retailer, it would void the warranty on the mattress when placed in the Murphy bed.

Selecting the Right Mattress

Murphy bed mattresses have a wide variety of quality and comfort levels, making it easy to find one that is tailored to your preferences. When it comes to choosing the right mattress for your Murphy bed, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  1. Consider how you will be using your Murphy bed.
    • Will it be used for guests, or will it be your bed? Most of the time a Murphy bed is for a guest room, but it can also be used nightly.
    • If it is a guest bed, will it be for adults or children?
    • Is there a possibility that you may sleep on it occasionally?
  2. Consider your sleeping preferences.
    • Do you prefer a soft or firm mattress? Our line of mattresses include firm, medium, soft, and pillow top options to please any needs.
    • Do you have regular guests who have strong mattress preferences or needs? We also offer innerspring and foam core mattresses, so regardless of preference we have a great mattress for you.
  3. Consider your budget.
    • While a high-end mattress may provide the best comfort and support, it may not be feasible for everyone.
    • At Wilding Wallbeds, we offer a raChoosing the Right Mattress for Your Murphy Bednge of mattresses at different price points to help you find the perfect match for your needs and budget.
Read more about selecting the perfect Murphy bed mattress →

Ensuring the Murphy Bed is Sturdy

The final factor that goes into making a Murphy bed comfortable is the platform you will be using. Make sure that the platform is going to be study enough to support you and your mattress. Some Murphy beds are made with cheap mechanisms and materials aren’t able to hold much weight and in turn have quite a bit of flex in the mattress deck. This means that as you are laying on the mattress the bed support is bending and giving in. This leads to an uncomfortable bed. Wilding Wallbeds uses all real wood and the best mechanisms available providing adequate support, and durability for a great bed platform.

In conclusion

Murphy beds can be just as comfortable as traditional beds, but the key to comfort lies in the mattress. At Wilding Wallbeds, we offer a range of Murphy beds that can accommodate up to 12″ thick mattresses, as well as a line of mattresses specifically designed for use with Murphy beds. By selecting the right mattress, you can enjoy a comfortable and restful night’s sleep on your Murphy bed. Built with quality materials and mechanisms you can rest assured that this comfort will last a lifetime!

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