5 Inexpensive Ways to Make a Bedroom Look Bigger


Inexpensive Bedroom IdeasSometimes it can be a pain deciding what to do with smaller bedrooms. Choosing the right design for a small bedroom can make a world of difference. Here are some budget-friendly tips on how to make a bedroom look bigger.
Decorating a small bedroom

  1. Mirrors. Large mirrors often create the illusion of a larger room with continuing space. If you don’t have windows in your bedroom, mirrors are a great way to create the illusion of more open space.
    Large Accent Pieces
  2. Large Accent Piece. It might seem like the opposite of what you want to do, but large artwork often makes a room look larger than multiple small clusters of pictures.
  3. Ceiling Height Curtains. If possible, raise your curtain rod closer to the ceiling rather than right above your window and get longer curtains. This creates the illusion of high ceilings.Accent Wall for Small Bedroom
  4. Choose the Right Paint Colors. Dark colors tend to feel like they are coming towards you and light colors feel like they are moving away from you. Use white or light pastels for the ceiling and main walls, and choose a single accent wall for a splash of darker color.
  5. Use Every Inch of Storage Space. When you have a small bedroom it can easily feel cluttered with too many things. Find creative ways to stow away your extra things so that it is out of the way.Murphybed with lots of storageView Hampton Style Murphy Bed with Extra Storage