2019 Spirit Of Hope Gala


2019 Spirit of Hope Gala 2019 Spirit of Hope Gala

Wilding Wallbeds was proud to be the Platinum Sponsor for the 2019 Spirit of Hope Gala for the Doctors’ Volunteer Clinic. This year’s theme for the Gala was the Greatest Gala on Earth! This black-tie event included an elegant circus theme. The gala included a social hour, auctions, games, photo booths and dinner. The star attraction for the evening was an amazing performance from the incredibly talented Alex Boye!

Alex shared more than his music. Alex took the attendees on an emotional ride that included much laughter with his witty humor, to tears as he became very serious and shared a personal and touching story of how and why he wrote “Bend Not Break”. This was a song he was inspired to create in an effort to bring awareness to suicide prevention. 2019 Spirit of Hope Gala This tied in very well to the Doctors Volunteer Clinic as its clinic provides mental illness support and services along with the many other services in the medical and dental arena. These services come to great relief for those that have fallen on hard times and are in need of care.

The Doctors’ Volunteer Clinic is a non-profit clinic that runs without government support and is run entirely on donated time, money, materials, and land from the generous donors in the community. 2019 Spirit of Hope Gala During the evening attendees were informed that the clinic has had tens of thousands going through its doors with the average cost to the patient at $37.00 for services rendered. Wilding Wallbeds is proud to contribute to this great community cause and realizes what a better place the world can be if communities everywhere were able to reach out a hand and follow the model that the Doctors’ Volunteer Clinic has brought to beautiful St. George Utah.

Anyone wishing to donate to the Doctors’ Volunteer Clinic can do so through the clinic’s website.

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