What Is A Wall Bed?


Discover if a wall bed is right for you!

Here at Wilding Wallbeds, we offer our clients an amazing, space-saving alternative with the largest line of solid wood Murphy beds around. In addition to offering a large line of high-quality beds that fold right up and out of your way into the wall, we also offer Specialty Wallbeds. These specialty units are designed to meet your individual space-saving needs. Some of the specialty designs we offer include:

  • Spring Lift Beds – Some of the most economical Murphy Beds.
  • Piston Lift Beds – The original Wilding Wallbeds that we have been making since the beginning.
  • Storage Beds – Beds that use the otherwise wasted space underneath as a storage solution alternative.
  • Disappearing or Studio Desk Beds – The perfect solution if you need both a bed and a desk, but find yourself lacking the space for either.
  • Bookcase Wallbeds – For those avid readers out there, there’s no reason your guest room can’t also be a library.
  • Bunk Beds – This offers an excellent alternative when you have limited space for a bed and need more than one in a room.


Gain a bed without losing critical wall and floor space!

Wall Bed - Murphy BedA wall bed can be an excellent space-saving solution for both personal and professional uses. They come in all shapes and sizes with a variety of specialized options to meet your needs. Whether you are looking for you own bedroom setup, a space-saving guest room, our Clinical Pro series that is designed to meet the needs of medical practitioners, or a clever way to enhance guest and executive suites for hotels and resorts, our unparalleled line of beautiful Murphy beds have everything you could need or want out of your space-saving wall bed.

Additionally, for our environmentally conscious clients, Wilding Wallbeds wants you to know that we are committed to protecting the environment, from our upgraded production facilities which now use energy-saving lighting to our exhaust filters to decrease emissions and our retrofitted production facility that now uses clean renewable energy powered by solar panels. Additionally, we invested in a solvent recycler that allows us to reclaim up to 95% of our solvents and we work tirelessly to reduce contribution to landfills by recycling our hardwood and plywood waste by salvaging and processing it into mulch. We also only harvest wood through a sustainable forestry program, the Hardwood Forestry Fund. We consider it our responsibility to be an environmentally responsible business. We worry about our impact on the environment so you don’t have to.

Come find your perfect wall bed at one of our four showrooms!

Wilding Wallbeds has four main showrooms. Three in California, Chino Hills, El Segundo, and San Diego, and the fourth is in St. George, Utah. However, even if you can’t personally come to one of our four locations, that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy all the benefits of our beautiful wall beds. We ship free anywhere in the contiguous U.S. and we have Hotel and Resort clients all over the world who have discovered the brilliance of our Murphy bed space-saving solutions.

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