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Dog on Wilding Wallbed Dog Bed

Can My Dog Get A Wallbed?

The Wildings have a long history of loving dogs, from Bob’s sidekick Foxie, and Dan’s Springer Spaniel Abby, to Dennis’s fun-loving Black Lab Roxie, there has always been some four-legged friends around. Dogs have always been a big part of our lives, with good reason, and that’s why they are the inspiration for the Dog Wallbed. Wilding Wallbeds takes great pride in product creativity and innovations, the Dog Bed is a great example of their work. This fun contraption allows you to give your pet the best night of sleep they have ever had and then fold the bed out of the way leaving only a beautifully crafted cabinet. The majority of people in the United States own a pet, which means that more than likely you have a pet that would love this bed!

How Does the Dog Wallbed Function?

The Dog Bed functions the same way a Murphy Bed or Wall Bed function. The bed is stored vertically inside the cabinet showing only a finished cabinet front. To use the bed, you simply grab the hardware on the face of the bed, then pull. There is a flip-out panel towards the top of the face of the bed that deploys and functions as the leg support. Just beneath the face of the bed is a slide out tray that holds a food bowl and a water bowl. This can be pulled out when it is time for your pet to eat, then slid back out of sight the rest of the time. We all love our pets and want them to be comfortable, but there is little worse than tripping over a dog bowl and spilling the water and the food all over the place. Only Wilding Wallbed’s Dog Wallbed allows you to get the bowls out of sight and out of the way. It also opens up the room by folding the bed up into the cabinet. The Dog Wallbed comes with the Dog Bed and two bowls.

What Options Are Available?

The Dog Bed is available in any of Wilding Wallbeds Spring Lift styles. The most popular styles are the Remington, Scape, Newport, Park City, and Mission. This array of styles allows you to choose something that matches the style and feel of your home. The bed is available in any of the standard woods: Oak, Alder, Knotty Alder, Maple, Cherry, Rustic Cherry, or Mahogany. You can choose any of the stains offered by Wilding Wallbeds to make a bed that is truly unique to you and your pet. All of the materials used are real wood, there is no particle board, pressed wood or melamine. The pet beds are a Green product so there is no need to worry about any unsafe chemicals or materials.

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Dog Bed?

Wilding Wallbed Dog Bed with Food bowls Wilding Wallbed Dog Bed with Food bowls Wilding Wallbed Dog Bed with Food bowls
You may be reading this and saying to yourself, “My dog is just fine sleeping on the floor.” According to, there are five main benefits in having your pet sleep on a pet bed.
    1. It’s Good For Their Physique.
When sleeping on the floor or on a mat, a dog has to make do with whatever space and position they can muster. This is harmful for your dog’s postural health in the long run. The hard floor can be uncomfortable to sleep on, leading to restless and erratic sleep. This can cause your dog to become irritable and troublesome. Lack of sleep can affect his overall health adversely, too.
    1. Insulation From Weather.
Just like humans, dogs also need insulation and maintenance of an optimum temperature for comfort. Sleeping on the floor in winter or summer can expose your dog to temperatures lower or higher than what is good for him and cause him to fall sick. This is especially problematic because dogs are very susceptible to temperature change.
    1. The Preservation of Your Furniture.
Pets sleeping on your rug, carpet, flooring or other furniture can damage the furniture. A dog bed keeps furniture cleaner, and allows it to last longer.
    1. Comfortable Sleep For Both You and Your Pet.
It may be adorable to let your dog sleep in the same bed as you but it can become annoying after a while. Twitching and turning unexpectedly, butting you with a limb, or snuggling with a wet nose can disrupt the deepest of sleepers. Fur left behind by your dog on your bed can also cause respiratory complications. The best solution out of this is to get your canine his own bed so that both of you get enough space and sleep.
    1. Dogs Need Their Own Space Too.
Like anyone else, dogs too need their own space where they can feel comfortable and safe. Dogs sleep for about 12 hours a day so they need a snug spot that is always accessible to them, where they can curl up and rest. If you want to keep your dog happy by providing him this simple pleasure, it is advisable that you get them a bed of their own.

To Sum It All Up

Wilding Wallbeds is famous for their innovative space saving products for people, but they also have options for your “best friends”. Every Dog Wallbed is custom made for you and your pet. It includes a dog bed that folds out of the way and two dog bowls for food and water. The brilliant design allows you to store all of the things for your pet out of sight and out of mind, then when you need access you simply pull down the bed, or open the drawer. This bed doesn’t only solve problems for you, but it is healthier for your pet giving them a safe and comfortable space to sleep.

Brandon Wilding Written by Brandon Wilding Team Leader St. George Showroom