Can I get a Murphy bed with a desk?


drop down table

We are currently in the “golden age” of functional furniture, and with so many social media sites available at our finger tips we are easily able to find and share with our friends, clever and fun ways to get dual purpose out of furniture. This has helped to fuel the popularity of Murphy beds, and led to the rise in demand for a Murphy bed with a desk. Another factor that has led to the rise in demand for a Murphy bed with a desk is availability on technology allowing so many of us to work from home. This change requires us to fit all the amenities of a modern office in the spare room of your home, which in many cases is already serving as your guestroom. Wilding Wallbeds has been manufacturing Murphy beds with desk options for years now, and has different selections to fit any need. The four main options for a Murphy bed with a desk are the Drop Down Table, the Disappearing Desk bed, the Studio Desk, and the Home Office. Each of these options have specific benefits to help you get the most use out of your room and out of your wall bed.

The Drop Down Table

drop down table

The first Murphy bed with a desk option that Wilding Wallbeds introduced was the drop down table. This functional addition can be added to the majority of their wall bed styles and offers a good sized table for a laptop, small projects, or even a small dinner table in studio or Airbnb settings. The drop down table simply mounts to the face of the Murphy bed and can be folded out of the way for when the table isn’t needed, or to deploy the bed. The table comes in different sizes depending on the style of the bed, but for HomeFront or Gallery series beds the table is usually around 29” wide and 47” long, on the Studio series beds the table is usually 30” wide by 36” long. The size differences come down to the style of bed, meaning the panel work on the face of the bed, and the lifting mechanism used on the wall bed. You will notice that the HomeFront and Gallery series beds use a solid panel leg on the desk with trim to match the style of the face of the bed, where the studio series beds use a more simple stick frame leg, which is simply due to the specs of the mechanisms. You can easily upgrade your Studio series Murphy bed to use a piston lift mechanism if you would like the solid panel leg on the drop down table.The main advantage to this Murphy bed with a desk option is the fact that you can fold the table up or down as needed so you can have extra workspace attached to your wall bed that doesn’t take up any space in your room when it isn’t needed.

The Disappearing Desk Bed

Disappearing Desk Bed

The Disappearing Desk bed is Wilding Wallbeds’ most popular Murphy bed with a desk option. This unique bed offers a large desk that doesn’t need to be cleaned off even when the bed is in use. The desk simply fold down under the bed staying level with the floor all the way so you can leave your computer, papers, coffee or any other mess you want on the desk top when the bed is in use, then you simply close up the bed and the desk folds right back up leaving everything where you left it. This Murphy bed with desk goes great in home offices, studies, dorm rooms, and other layouts where you need a desk and a bed, but don’t want to compromise on either.

The work space on Wilding Wallbeds Disappearing Desk beds is 80” long and 25.5” deep. It comes standard with a grommet in the desk top to allow cord access, and Wilding Wallbeds offers a power outlet options with gives you 4 standard plugs and a USB for charging sunk flush into your desk top. The clearance for items left on your desk when the bed is lowered is 17” which means that most standard printers and monitors can stay on the desk. Wilding Wallbeds offers a unique Light Bridge which comes with either incandescent or LED lights depending on your preference. These lights function both as a desk light when the desk is in use, or reading lights for when the bed is deployed. The Disappearing Desk bed is available in 9 different styles and any of Wilding Wallbeds many wood and stain options which means that you don’t have to give up style and beauty for function. This Murphy bed with desk option is a side mount which means that your guests will sleep parallel with the wall, so your desk can fit into a space with minimal projection and height. The Disappearing Desk bed truly is a comfortable bed, and functional office all in one.

The Studio Desk

The Studio Desk in theory is very similar to the Disappearing Desk, bed but it is designed to go on a vertical Murphy bed rather than a side mount. The Studio Desk offers the same benefit of staying level as the bed deploys so you can leave your items on it. The desk is 62” long, 21” deep and offers 8.5” of clearance for items left on the desk when the bed is in use. The studio desk is a great option for a home office with a laptop or a project table. The Studio Desk is essentially a combination of the benefits of the Drop Down Table and the benefits of the Disappearing Desk bed. It is a good sized desk that you don’t have to clean off to use the bed. It allows for extra work space and can be added to any of Wilding Wallbeds’ Studio series Murphy beds. This is also available in any of Wilding Wallbeds’ wood or stain options allowing you to customize it to fit the style and theme of your room. The Studio Desk is a great solution if you are in need of a Murphy bed with desk combination.

The Home Office

The home office is the most versatile and customizable Murphy bed with desk option offered by Wilding Wallbeds. The home office is a wall bed with a separate desk made up of an array of components that you choose. The desk is a permanent fixture in your room and can be used every day as the main place that you conduct business, or simply when you need space to work on a project. Each home office is custom designed to fit your room and your needs. You simply measure your room and give Wilding Wallbeds a call. Wilding Wallbeds has made customization easy by breaking the home office into 3 component categories; the desk tops, the pedestals and the upper cabinets. The desk tops come in all shapes and sizes depending on the size and layout of your room, and come with either a keyboard tray, or a pencil drawer above the knee hole depending on which you would prefer. The pedestals are the cabinets that sit beneath the desk top. These pedestal options include doors, drawers, files, printer slide outs, adjustable shelves and so much more. The upper cabinets are the cabinets that attach to the wall above the desk top. These cabinets can either be open bookcases or storage areas with doors to match the style of your Murphy bed. Some rooms work best to have the home office attached to the side of the wall bed making an attractive L-shaped office, where other rooms work best having the Murphy bed and the desk on separate walls. In either case Wilding Wallbeds can make it happen. Every home office is drawn based on the dimensions you provide, by a Wilding Wallbeds sales representative who can help go over different options, and offer informed solutions.

A few other options that are popular with the Home Office Murphy bed with a desk scenario are the desk lights, the drop down table, the power outlets and the under desk organizers. These options allow you to further customize your home office to give you better use of your space and help to keep your home office clean and clutter free. More information about these options can be found on the website or by calling Wilding Wallbeds to talk over the options with one of their personable sales representatives.

To Sum It All Up

Wilding Wallbeds has been a trailblazer in the functional furniture industry, especially when it comes to Murphy beds with desks. Over the years they have built up their product line to include the Drop Down table, the Disappearing Desk bed, the Studio Desk, and the Home office products. These beds allow you to use your spare room as an office, sewing room, crafts room, study, or any other use that you might need. Wilding Wallbeds’ sales representatives take the time to listen to your needs, review your dimensions and offer solutions to best fit your specific situation. All of this assistance is simply a call away.

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