Will it hold it? Hot Tub vs. Wallbed

Posted by Jeremy on October 10th, 2016
Hot Tub on top of Wilding Wallbed

Wilding Wallbeds is proud to present the much anticipated follow up video to our “Will it Hold it” campaign. Our debut video of Volkswagen Jetta vs Wallbed was impressive and had us coming out of the gates strong. We were both nervous and excited to look to our fan base ...

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The Fascinating Discoveries Of Beds In History

Posted by Eric on October 7th, 2016

The Fascinating Discoveries Of Beds In History As modern day people, we probably take for granted the history of beds. We spend much of our time in these inventions! We sleep in them, we tuck our children into them every night, we watch TV while in bed, we study and ...

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A Murphy (Bed) Love Story

Posted by Rich on September 16th, 2016
heart shaped flower on tree stump

It was the late 1890's in San Francisco and William L. Murphy had a big problem. The young inventor was smitten by a beautiful young opera singer, and he was desperate for some quality courting time. The big problem was his bed.

The moral code of the day made ...

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Will it hold it? Car vs. Wallbed

Posted by Jeremy on September 14th, 2016
Car on top of Wilding Wallbed

Internationally people have enjoyed the beautiful craftsmanship of the Wilding Wallbed products in their homes, offices, medical clinics and more. Wilding Wallbeds are custom built to a very high standard of structural strength and durability to create a legacy product sure to outlive its owners.

You can imagine that many ...

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Posted by Eric on August 11th, 2016
HIDE YOUR BEDAre you looking for a beautiful and extremely comfortable bed that actually disappears when you are not using it? Look no further. Wilding Wallbeds are fantastic! The beds they make can fit into any decor you can possibly think of and the storage they provide (either by disappearing, or by ...
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