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Phoenix, Arizona is a popular location for vacationers and snowbirds, and if you are looking to improve your vacation home with some unique and innovative wall beds or other space-saving products, Wilding Wallbeds has you covered. Our wall beds are sure to complete any of the beautiful homes in the Phoenix area, which is why we ship our entire line of amazing space-saving products to our Phoenix wall bed customers.

Our products utilize some of the most cutting-edge technology available in the industry. We have designed our wall beds into furniture such as entertainment centers, bookshelves, and home office desks, making them ideal for maximizing your living space while simultaneously providing plenty of places for your friends and family to sleep. That is why we ship our entire product line to the Phoenix area, as well as the nearby cities of GlendaleMesa, Chandler and Scottsdale. Because we are a Southwestern US company, we take pride in providing the best products and services available to the people of Arizona. The Clinical Pro Series, which includes beds designed into work stations and bookshelves, would make a great addition to ASU’s medical school, and our Disappearing Desk Bed would also make a great addition to any home office or dorm room.

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At Wilding Wallbeds, a Phoenix wall bed supplier, you will find a wide variety of innovative products available in a number of different styles, sizes, and designs, guaranteeing that you will find something that works perfectly with your home or business's unique layout. And if you’re a snowbird, you are also sure to find something that will make your vacation home even more cozy and inviting. All of the products that you will find in our Phoenix wall bed inventory are great choices if you have property where people regularly come to visit because you can give them all a place to sleep and impress them with such fun and creative furniture. They are also great for improving your property by adding more space and reducing the overall clutter, giving you more room for fun activities with family and friends.

Our Phoenix wall beds are guaranteed to make your house feel more like a home. Whether it’s a permanent residence, a business, or a vacation home, Wilding Wallbeds guarantees our products will add to the quality of your living space.

Among the many different products that you will find at Wilding Wallbeds, a Phoenix wall bed supplier, are:

  • Remington Murphy BedRemington Murphy Bed: This model includes a classic shaker style four-panel face, a beautiful solid wood trim, and ogee style crown molding. This product is light, easy to use, and ideal for maximizing your living space and providing a cozy place to sleep at night.
  • Disappearing Desk BedThe Disappearing Desk Bed: Great for people with home offices, this product gives you a place to work during the day, and at night folds down into a cozy bed without disturbing any of the contents of the desk.
  • Bookcase WallbedThe Bookcase Wall Bed: This is one of the most elegant products you will find at Wilding Wallbeds, a Phoenix wall bed supplier. This is a wall bed designed into a beautiful European style bookcase. Simply move the bookshelves aside, which remain vertical leaving the contents of the shelves completely undisturbed, and then lower the wall bed for a great night’s sleep. This product is simple and easy to use.
  • Murphy Bunk BedMurphy Bunk Beds: This model is a wall bed which folds down into an upper and lower bunk bed, and includes a guard rail, pillow guards, and a solid wood ladder. This is a fun product that is perfect for the kid’s room, and will give them more space for playtime and activities.
  • Hidden Storage BedThe Hidden Storage Bed: This model is the kind of bed that would go great in the master bedroom. It lifts up easily to reveal a hidden storage area underneath the mattress. Here you can store items such as camping equipment or seasonal decorations. This model also has extra storage space in the headboard for extra pillows and blankets, and a power sources to charge your computer and cell phones.
  • Power WallbedThe Wilding Power Wallbed: This is the most easy-to-use model you will find at Wilding Wallbeds, a Phoenix wall bed supplier. This model is a wall bed cabinet which unfolds automatically at the push of a button by means of a German-engineered track system called the “Zoom-Room.” This product has proven itself consistent and reliable over time, and is available with a five year warranty on all moving parts and a two year warranty on all electronic components.
  • Studio DeskStudio Desk: This desk option can be added to be easily lowered without disturbing any of the contents on the desk, and when in use, you have more than 9” of clearance.
  • Studio DeskSleep Clinics: This model is ideal for commercial settings, especially sleep clinics, because it provides furniture that is perfect for working environments such as workstations and exam tables, all with comfortable built-in beds. This product is stylish, cozy, and utilitarian, making it great for professional settings such as firehouses, hospitals, hotels, motels, and shelters.

At Wilding Wallbeds, we’ve combined aesthetic beauty and functional efficiency through professional engineering to bring you the best products available in the industry. Come view our products for yourself at Wilding Wallbeds, Phoenix wall bed supplier. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

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