Where to Buy Unique Furniture In Southern California


When a guest or family member comes into your home and sees your furniture, would they say that it fits your style? How we decorate and furnish our homes says a lot about who we are. On top of looks, you need something that functions properly and is built well. Wilding Wallbeds answers all the concerns of where to buy unique furniture.


Where can I find unique furniture that has quality materials?Where to Buy Unique Furniture in Southern California


Wilding Wallbeds are different from the murphy beds you are used to. We used better materials and hardware to build our beds to last and look good. The materials we use are:


  • Furniture Grade Ply Wood: Where can you find unique furniture that has plywood explicitly made for them? Wilding Wallbeds has this engineered specifically for our beds because it has higher quality and durability than other products. Furniture Grade plywood is seven layers of solid wood joined to make one product. The layers are placed on top of each other using a method called cross graining. This method helps to eliminate bowing or warping when the wood is exposed to dry or humid conditions. All surfaces are attached together with a formaldehyde-free product.

  • Dual Locking Legs: Our furniture always has your safety in mind. Wilding Wallbeds installs a dual locking leg system that will physically lock the bed into the upright position so that you don’t have to worry about the bed falling down on a guest. They will even stay upright if a child climbs on the bed face or if an earthquake hits.

  • Drawer Construction: Not only do Wilding Wallbeds use the best materials for our drawers, but we also make them impossible to break. Using the dovetail method, the corners are literally interlocked so that they are impossible to come apart. The drawer bottom is inserted to make it a solid piece of the drawer.

  • Blum Slow Close Hardware: When our drawers are opened and shut, the motion is smooth and quiet. Our glides are the best for durability and can hold a large amount of weight.

  • Cabinet construction: We fully insert the cabinet back into the cabinet to reduce a common problem called racking. When your floor is not completely level and you have a piece of wood furniture on that floor, the drawers and doors are crocked in the hole they are made for. This is racking and by using our technique, we eliminate it. Where can you buy unique furniture that takes this much time and effort into the construction? Wilding Wallbeds.Where to Buy Unique Furniture in Southern California

  • Door hardware: 110-degree European hinges are on all of our doors and are not visible when you look at the cabinet. They are also able to adjust to space they are fit to in case you have a racking problem.


When can I find unique furniture that fits my lifestyle?

Wilding Wallbeds has several different types of beds that fit whatever room you need a bed in.


  • Murphy Beds: These are our most basic beds but they look anything but. There are three different series of Murphy beds. The Studio Series is our only series available in King size mattresses and uses our spring lift mechanism whereas our HomeFront Series lifts and lowers with a piston lift mechanism. The Gallery Series includes hardwood drawer boxes for extra storage.

  • Disappearing Desk Beds: Where can you find unique furniture that you can use in any room? Wilding Wallbeds offers a completely functional desk and bed, complete with a convenient power outlet. We also have the option of adding a light system that works for both the desk and the bed. When you pull the bed out, the desk says level so that you never have to clear the space away when you are ready for bed. Disappearing Desk beds are available in Twin, Full, and Queen, and start off at $2599. If you just need a desk occasionally, we have a drop-down desk option that fades away when it’s put away. Prices to add the drop-down desk to your murphy bed starts at $299.Where to Buy Unique Furniture in Southern California

  • Bookcase wallbed: The best thing about our unique furniture is that they save space in your home. That’s why Wilding Wallbeds build the Bookcase wallbed. During the day, no one would know that behind that collection of Harry Potter books is a queen size be that’s ready for a moment’s notice. The Standard bookcase opens to allow the bed to be dropped down and the bi-fold opens up and folds so that the bed is framed with the bookcase. The Standard starts at $2149 and the Bi-fold starts at $2359.

  • Bunk wallbeds: We build bunk wallbeds that are strong enough for an adult so don’t limit this space saver for the toy room. These beds are perfect for fire stations, cabins, dorms, and start at $3259.


Where to buy unique furniture?

With all our different options, you can get a better idea of what we offer when you come to see us in one of our showrooms. We welcome walk-ins and can get a better idea of what you are looking for.


  • Chino Hills, 4200 Chino Hills Parkway Suite 660, Chino Hills, Ca

  • (909) 680-4141


  • El Segundo, 446 Main Street, El Segundo, Ca

  • (424) 277-0063


  • San Diego, 7944 Miramar Road, San Diego, Ca

  • (858) 578-0627


When you come to see us in person, we can explain all the many options that we have for you. If you don’t see something that will work with your space, we can customize a product designed with your ideas in mind. We set an appointment to come to your house and take measurements of the room you want to add the bed to. Then we draw up a depiction so that you can see what the wallbed will look like in your room. As soon as you add or remove any additional options, we get to work making your custom Wilding Wallbed.