Sleeping Habits Of Americans In 2019


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The Survey Results Are In! We Asked About Your Sleeping Habits And You Answered.

People often think of sleep as a time when your mind and body can shut down and take a break. Those people are wrong. According to the National Sleep Foundation, sleep is an active period in which a lot of important processing, restoration, and strengthening occurs. There are still some sleep-related mysteries like why we need so much sleep on a daily basis. But the one thing that is known widely known by us all — sleep is important.

Everyone needs it. Plenty of us spend our day wishing we were doing it. And when you don’t get enough of it, bad things tend to happen. Here’s a good example coming from HuffPost. “Many years ago I had to do a presentation. When I got to the meeting and opened my briefcase, I realized I had been carrying a backgammon board all morning.” That’s either a great way to embarrass yourself or a chance to start a backgammon tournament.

Wilding Wallbeds has been building and shipping Murphy beds across the United States and internationally since 1997. So, sleep is a big deal to us — and not just because we are tired. We know you are too and don’t want you to show up for an important meeting with a toy instead of your presentation. The bed you sleep on is an important part of getting a good night of rest. So we’ve decided to survey the sleeping habits of Americans to see just what we can do to help you have a great night of sleep — every night.


Here’s What We Found With Our Sleeping Habits Survey

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We asked one hundred people ten quick and easy questions about their sleep habits — and got one hundred answers! Here is a quick wrap up of the responses.

  • Who is in the bed: Most people aren’t sleeping in their bed alone. 63% of people reported sharing their bed with another person. And 34% say that they are sleeping with pets in the bed. If you are one of those people with pets in your bed, but you wish you weren’t — check out this Dog Bed.
  • The bed: Nearly half of us, 43%, are sleeping in a queen-size bed. And there are a few lucky ones, 22%, that have all the room they could want in their king-size beds (by the way, if you are interested in upgrading to a king-size bed, check out our Studio Series Murphy Beds). As far as the style of the bed goes …. Just about all of us are using a traditional bed. 44% have head and footboards while 40% are in beds without them. Nobody polled is sleeping in a roll away and only 2% are sleeping in waterbeds. 
  • Bed accessories: Everyone sleeps with sheets on their bed right? Actually, no. Our research shows that 94% of people do – 6 of our respondents are sleeping on a bare mattress! But, everyone does use a blanket with 93% reporting that they use either one or two of them. We even found one person who likes it REALLY hot and uses 4 blankets. Most people, 78%, say they sleep with either one or two pillows. One person needs help finding their pillow.
  • Other stuff: More people sleep on the left side of the bed (42%), than the right (39%). More than half of us, 56%, watch movies or TV while in bed and 53% use their smartphone or tablet to help them wake up in the morning (out of the 34% of people who sleep with their pets …. Only one responded that their pets wake them up in the morning).

Our Survey Questions And Results

Do You Sleep With Another Person In Your Bed?

Do you sleep with pets in your bed?

How many pillows do you sleep with?

Do you use sheets on your bed?


What side of the bed do you sleep on?

How many blankets do you sleep with?

What size of bed do you sleep in?

Do you watch TV/Movies in bed?

What wakes you up in the morning?

What style of bed do you sleep in?


You Come First

Wilding Wallbeds has always been interested in what our customers are looking for in their beds and furniture. As you’ll see in this article about our custom furniture, some of our products have even been inspired by our customers. This is one reason that we have started to do our own research on things like sleep habits. We plan to do more of this in the future, so if you enjoy taking surveys or just want your voice to be heard, keep an eye on our Facebook page for the next one!