Welcome to Space Reimagined


Who we are

We’ve witnessed countless changes in the furniture industry throughout the last quarter of a century that we have been crafting wall beds and Murphy beds. We’ve had a front row seat to the life cycle of trends and fads which have cropped up, caused a furor, become mainstream, and then dissipated quietly. At the same time, we have also witnessed many things that don’t change; styles that are timeless and stalwart that never seem to fully work their way out-of-style. We have harnessed this natural ebb and flow of interior design trends in the development of our line of murphy beds and other furniture–always adding new styles, new finishes, new hardware, etc. By definition, staying current and up-to-date is a moving target that we are always striving to hit.

We go to great lengths to study and implement new styles and trends into our line of products. However, we have a “secret weapon” in gauging and understanding the current preferences of furniture buyers: hundreds and thousands of current furniture buyers. Our team collectively speaks with hundreds of individuals a week who are hunting for new furniture to freshen and add functionality to their space. We listen to these individuals and it influences how we view current furniture and interior design trends.

With that backdrop in place, we would like to welcome you to Space Reimagined. Our online publication where we will periodically share what we are discovering from our research and our interactions with our customers about interior design trends, furniture trends, and anything else we feel will inspire our readers to add beauty and functionality to their homes.

Why now?

2020 did not exactly go to plan, that is probably the only thing we can all agree on. Our lives were turned completely upside down and we were forced to make changes that we did not plan on making. In a matter of weeks, kitchen tables and bedrooms became desks and boardrooms while computer screens became classrooms. It feels like we spent more time in our homes in 2020 than the previous five years combined. Because of this, a couple of interesting things have happened. First, many people got the itch to update their home (Hey, you can only look at the same four walls so many times before needing a change, right?). Secondly, the life cycle of furniture trends is getting shorter. Third, we are asking more of our homes than ever before. 

There has been a slowly growing trend in some industries to allow remote work for many years now, but 2020 forced that trend to its apex faster than anybody ever planned. And what was the result? Many people and businesses realized that remote work is not only doable, it can work well for many employees. Plus, it can allow businesses to cut office space and reduce operating costs. So, while so many of us were eager to get out of the house and back to the office, don’t hold your breath waiting for businesses to call everybody back. Remote work will become more and more commonplace in our world. This means that your home needs to become more than it currently is. It needs to function at a higher level than ever before. No longer is a home a simple dwelling, they are also offices, gyms, classrooms, and entertainment hubs, to name a few.

Space Reimagined is our way of sharing our hard-fought expertise with you to help you create the home you want and need for the upcoming years. This is our industry–we are immersed in it night and day–because of this, we have thankfully learned a thing or two about making your home do more for you. This is where we will document and divulge what we know as well as what we are seeing on the horizon in the world of home design and furniture.

Some things never go out of style

While we strive to be current with our styles and options, we are a little old-fashioned in a few ways. For example, we still believe that quality is paramount when it comes to the furniture in your home. This is especially true in regards to large, functional furniture like a wall bed or Murphy bed. We also believe in being honest and good to people. Our vision is that Space Reimagined will embody these characteristics to bring you our honest assessment of the latest trends to help you as you make decisions about what furniture and styles you want to incorporate into your home.