High Quality Murphy Beds At Wilding Wallbeds


High Quality Murphy Beds At Wilding Wallbeds

If you have ever thought that you need more space in your home, a high quality Murphy Bed just might be the perfect way to make that happen. What better way to create a dual function room than with a piece of dual-function furniture? Wilding Wallbeds is here to help you turn your vision for your beautiful home into a reality. Our wall beds are designed to last. This is because we have combined the high-tech, fast-paced manufacturing toolset with artisan handcrafted techniques. All this was done in an effort to consistently create a product that was intended to beautifully stand the test of time.


Quality And Craftsmanship

Wilding Wallbeds manufactures only the finest in Murphy Beds. That is exactly what we have become known for throughout the United States. We have made this happen by using only the best in materials and design. There is no skimping on materials. There are no corners cut. Our Murphy Beds are made with furniture grade plywood, which is what makes the finished product so strong and durable.

Quality is paramount to us. For us, that quality starts with the lumber that we use. It’s a natural product and oftentimes you’ll have panels that bow. We need them to stay straight. So, the lumber that we use is sourced out of a mill in the northwestern United States. We have worked directly with them. We knew that we wanted great integrity. We knew we wanted it to be a little lighter weight. They designed that northwestern white wood core for us. We’re really happy we were able to come up with a product that is truly just ours. And it works fantastic.

We recognize that quality products in any industry are more expensive than other options that won’t work as well or last as long. When you buy quality products — you expect more — and you’ll get more from Wilding Wallbeds. You can’t put inferior materials into the final product and have it create high quality Murphy Beds. Our products cost a little more, but our customers appreciate the quality. They appreciate the fact that it’s made in America. They appreciate the fact that it is going to last, that it’s durable. These beds that we make are heirloom quality.

Almost every job that goes through our facility has some customization to it. Maybe the cabinets are a little narrow or a little wider. Maybe there is a desk component to the order. Customization is unique to the level that we do it. And VERY unique to the level that we do it successfully. 

A lot of the processes that we employ here are very modern. And yet, there are a lot of hands-on too. The combination of the two brings together that human element — the style, and the feel of it and the hand-rubbed finishes with the precision of the CNC machinery. We have married those two things together really well.

Aesthetically, we’ve worked really hard to strike a balance. We’re not only trying to create something that is very functional — but something that also looks beautiful. Because we control every process — from crown molds to the doors, we can control the quality of it. We have some great people at Wilding Wallbeds. They are masters in their craft. And that’s evident in the product that we put out time and time again.

When you are looking into purchasing a Murphy Bed is — this is a big piece of furniture, that doesn’t just sit there. You need a panel and you need materials strong enough to support that — for a lifetime. The weight and the energy stored in these Murphy Beds, it requires better quality. And we do it! In fact, every bed is backed with a customer service guarantee, and we vow to always exceed customer expectations. We are also proud to serve our customers for a lifetime.


High Quality Murphy Beds

For anybody that wants to make the most of the space in their home — or lacks space in their home — a high quality Murphy Bed is your perfect solution. Wilding Wallbeds has a large variety of high quality Murphy Beds to choose from with a variety of color, wood, and style options. And if you prefer to have something a little more specific and unique, our custom bed builder provides an easy way to come up with your own creation.

These beds are solidly built pieces of furniture that will expand about seven feet into your room when they are pulled open to sleep in. The thing that separates the Murphy Bed is the fact that it is easily stored out of the way when it is not being used. We have several Murphy Beds that will help to enhance your home while giving you more space to use with your friends and family. Here’s a look at just some of the high quality Murphy Beds that could be in your home in just a matter of weeks.


Santa Fe Murphy Bed

If you want a high quality Murphy Bed, look no further than the Santa Fe. This is a delightful old American Craftsman style bed. The face design is created by interlocking parallel solid wood trims that give the bed an artisan or oriental or modern feel depending on the type of wood and color that you decide to go with.

The symmetry of the bed face will bring a comfort and feeling of organization and harmony to any room — enhancing the beauty of your home. The style of this high quality Murphy Bed is extremely versatile. It is available to you in all of our wood varieties and finish options. This means that your creativity can really come into play and make a difference. So, if you choose, you can get it with one of our painted finishes too. And while you are at it, make it even more impressive by adding side cabinets or home office components that match.


Plantation Murphy Bed

Like with all of our high quality Murphy Beds, the Plantation is built with only the finest hardwood and furniture grade plywood. Our craftsmen hand select the lumber used for its color and the grain uniformity — ensuring that you will be proud to display such a high-quality product in your home. This bed features a face consisting of 12 detailed solid wood panels. The classic 12-panel design will fit perfectly within a variety of styles. It can fit formal, American Colonial, or Rustic.

The Plantation includes the choice of 22 different colors in addition to an array of wood types. Wood types include  Oak, Alder, Maple, Cherry, African, Knotty Alder and Rustic Cherry. When you see this beautiful piece of furniture in your home, you’ll have no doubt that it is a high quality Murphy Bed.


Remington Murphy Bed

This is a customer favorite. The Remington is by far one of the most popular of our Studio Series designs, and that’s for good reason. This design was created using years of customer feedback about the design features that really stand out. This bed is a unique combination of classical styles paired with a modern twist.

There are four face panels — each accentuated by raised shaker-style hardwood trim. This provides characteristic depth. Its strength and uniformity are enhanced by the thickness, width, and length of the trim layout. And to top it off is the two and a quarter inch ogee hardwood crown molding. This is unique from the typical shaker style — creating a beautifully classy profile. Talk about an instant eye-catcher. Plus, it makes it the perfect choice to pair with virtually any style and decorum in your home.


Bookcase Wallbed

What’s better than a bed that folds into the wall and creates extra space in your home? How about a bed that gives you the convenience of a Murphy Bed and the storage on a bookcase all in one unit? Our Bookcase Wallbeds have a commercially-rated, powder-coated, steel Murphy frame that is complete with European style wood slat mattress support for both comfort and wall mount brackets for easy setup. These beds will hold up to 200 lbs. in each bookcase section (standard version). The Bi-Fold Bookcase style wall bed can hold up to 60 lbs. per bookcase section. Keep in mind that with this style of wall bed, your mattress cannot exceed 11” in depth. We have a variety of mattresses available for you that will work with this wall bed.


Park City Murphy Bed

The Park City is the epitome of what rustic furniture should be — handmade, bold, hearty, and handcrafted out of authentic materials. It isn’t hard to imagine the Park City in a hunting lodge out in the middle of nowhere or in a cabin near the shore of a beautiful lake. If you think that sounds good, picture a Park City inside your home. Whether it is in your master bedroom, guest room, or someplace else — the Park City Murphy Bed captures the essence of both luxury and rustic comfort that is reminiscent of the Mission-style furnishings you might find in a mountain villa getaway. This timeless design will surely add a warm and natural feel to your home.

One feature that makes the Park City unique is the two 7” vertically-positioned handles. They come in your choice of Gun Metal, Swedish Iron Machined, Antique Brass and Dark Machined Antique Copper for accented beauty. It can be produced with 26 different stains and in seven different wood types.

If you want to take it even one step further, select the popular Quarter Sawn Oak option to produce a beautiful and distinctive grain pattern for a very special look and feel. This will give your furniture an accurate creation of a handcrafted period piece from the Arts and Crafts Era.


The Brittany Wall Bed

The Brittany features an eight recessed-panel bed face that gives it a beautiful traditional style. The edges are beautifully routed. It will add elegance to your home office, guest room, or any place you want to put it. You will love the traditional crown molding and routing on the solid hardwood trim. This trim can also be left more squared for a great Shaker look. We love the Brittany is all of the wood and stain options. This bed comes with our locking legs — an additional safety feature that is just one more reason to come to Wilding Wallbeds when you are looking for quality. Whatever you decide to choose is going to look great and this is a bed that is going to last you a lifetime!


Trust Wilding Wallbeds

Wilding Wallbeds is well-known in the industry as the manufacturer with the highest standards in products and craftsmanship. We are confident that you will appreciate the all real wood (NO particle board) furnishings that we have built our reputation on. These beds and the rest of our selection give you countless combinations of style, wood, color, finish, and cost. You are sure to find a unique bed that will be a perfect fit for your living space. And if you don’t see exactly what you are looking for, you can always head over to our online bed builder. This feature of our website will allow you, as the customer, to design, quote, get dimensions for, and order a Wilding Wallbed in your very own unique custom configuration. This feature is designed to be easy to use, informative, and fun to experiment with. As always, if you have any questions, contact us today and let’s get your unique bed started!