Where Can I Find Cheap Murphy Beds?


The Takeaway:

  • Cheap Murphy beds are available, but they sacrifice quality
  • Skimping on the mechanism and materials leads to buyer’s remorse and added costs later
  • The most bang-for-your-buck if purchasing a high-quality Murphy bed directly from the manufacturer

Where do I find cheap Murphy Beds?

Let me follow that up with a question: Do you really want the cheapest Murphy Bed in the industry? My point in asking that question might be obvious; there is no magical Narnia where you actually get quality and the cheapest thing in the industry. The absolute truth is that cheap prices mean cheap quality, which always leads to consumer disappointment. That does not mean that you can’t find quality at a fair price, rather, it is to say that, if your only shopping criteria is low prices, you will sacrifice quality. In some purchases, that might be a tradeoff you’re willing to make. In a Murphy bed, it is a tradeoff I wouldn’t recommend. I’ve seen a small woman, 100 pounds at most, lay down on a cheap Murphy Bed and cause the face of the bed to fall off, directly onto the floor. This is what happens when you are looking for the cheapest thing. So, I’ll pose the question once again – do you really want cheap Murphy beds?


I get it! I respect completely that you work hard for your money and you don’t want to be overcharged for a Murphy Bed. The truth is that there is a lot that goes into a Murphy Bed. Not only is there a lot of wood used, but you also have a mechanism that is integrated into most Murphy Beds. When price goes down, you lose either quality or functionality. Let’s explore how to get the most for your money.

Levels of Murphy Bed pricing

#1 – Cheapest Murphy Beds in the industry. The cheapest Murphy Beds don’t employ a lift mechanism of any kind. These beds have a hinge system that allows the bed to store in the upright position, but you provide all the muscle power to lift the bed. These beds I’m speaking of weigh several hundred pounds, and even with the hinge system, the bed will weigh at least 100 pounds to lift. Advertisements for this kind of system will warn that it’s “heavy” or that “it takes two people to lift and lower the Murphy Bed”. If you’re young and strong, this may be an answer for you, but let me also warn that if you’re not ready for the weight, or you’re overpowered by the bed this can be a dangerous situation as there is no safety on this type of Murphy Bed. You get here what you pay for and customer satisfaction isn’t it.

#2- Next Cheapest Murphy Beds in the industry. The beds you find in this category are particle board and melamine or thermofoil products. In plain English, these are saw dust and shelf paper products. We routinely field calls from individuals who purchased one of these beds and are now looking for repairs. They call us because we don’t use these inferior products, so they are wondering if we could retrofit a fix for their bed that won’t fall apart. In fact, we have literally watched the face of a cheap particle board Murphy bed fall off when a smaller-than-average person laid down on it. 

Particle board does not hold weight well. Screws and bolts strip quickly out of their moorings in this type of product. I’ve heard it said, many times, “Well, our Murphy Bed only gets used once or twice a year, so we don’t need the most expensive thing in the industry”. That statement is true, but when your guest lays down on the bed and the face falls off, the money you spent for this product has turned out to be a waste. Repairing this is not an option due to the screws that stripped out of the particle board.

#3 – Purchasing Direct from a Manufacturer of Murphy Beds. Though there are not many of these situations, you can easily locate this type of option online. This is the category Wilding Wallbeds falls into.  As you read the product description, you’ll find that this is exactly what is advertised; a direct-to-consumer quality Murphy Bed manufacturer. The benefit here is that you’re not purchasing from a middle man that needs to mark up the product so that they can make their money. This is purchased directly from the manufacturer–money well spent and not overcharged. As you get deeper into the description you’ll also find statements like “real wood” or “solid wood”. You’ll hear about “hardwoods”. You’ll also find statements like “No Particle Board”, and “Hand Crafted”. Some other buzz words that actually carry weight and value are “made in America,” these products also carry a lifetime guarantee and quality guarantee. 

Real wood Murphy Bed, available directly from the manufacturer

This is the type of product that you can be confident will offer your guests a wonderful night’s sleep. You won’t have to worry about them ending up on the floor as this product is truly made to last. Whether your guest room gets once-per-year type of use or an every-weekend type of use, this product will perform as advertised. You’ll also find that this product will employ a spring-lift or piston-lift mechanism that ensures you’re lifting a minor fraction of the weight of the bed (usually 15-30 lbs.). This is the type of Murphy Bed that is easy for one person to handle, whether old or young, frail or strong. You’ll also find that you have lots of options to make the Murphy Bed function in your home the way that best fits your situation and lifestyle.

The best part is that you will never have to pay for another Murphy bed again. You will never have to track down a handyman or a flakey company to try and repair a bed that is falling apart. So, while the overall price tag may be higher than a cheaper option, you end up better off in the long run. Value = money well spent.

#4 – Purchasing from a Murphy Bed retailer. Most large markets throughout the U.S. will have a Murphy Bed retailer. This is a situation where the retailer has purchased the product from a manufacturer or another middleman themselves. In this situation, the person that sells you the bed is not the company that built the bed. This is usually the most expensive way to obtain a Murphy Bed. You also need to be a bit careful in this case because retailers are trying the make the pricing palatable so you may be getting particle board and melamine at real wood prices.


Our experience and research shows that the money most wisely spent is when you purchase directly from the manufacturer. Our experience shows that the wisest money spent on a Murphy Bed is where the product is not particle board but is real wood. Our experience also shows that purchasing a Murphy Bed that contains a mechanism that helps you lift the bed is a much better solution. These types of beds offer a great deal of safety, and the customer satisfaction is extremely high. Maybe in the end, it’s not the cheap Murphy Beds in the industry that will bring you the greatest satisfaction or is the wisest use of your hard-earned money. Here is a check list to help you in your search:

  • Factory Direct Purchase
  • Real Wood Construction
  • Hand Crafted
  • Lift Mechanism
  • Made in the USA
  • Warranty