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We recently received the following email:

“Hi Dan,
I think I dealt with you when I bought my wall bed. It’s been about 5
years and I just want to tell you that my husband and I have enjoyed
it so very much! We bought the wallbed for a studio apartment in
Manhattan which I also use for business meetings. So you can imagine
how perfect it is that no one can see a bed! Before we purchased your
wallbed I searched all the stores in Manhattan for one, and NO store
had the quality that you offer. None of the stores even used wood to
make their wallbeds, they used press board. About three years ago
our daughter bought one of your wallbeds for her apartment, and once
again you delivered the finest quality furniture.

We’ve just sold the studio and the purchasers bought all the furniture
including the wall bed.But since they did, I guess the good news
is that we couldn’t use a wall bed in our new apartment anyway.
However,we are looking for an entertainment wall unit. I’ve searched
your site looking for one but can’t find any. Do you make
entertainment wall units and if not, are there any companies (who
deliver such quality furniture as you do) that you could recommend?
(We’d much rather have one that you make!)

Once again, thank you for your quality workmanship!

Bev T.”

We frequently work with customer on custom orders such as entertainment centers.

See our Custom Work page for more information.