We got our DIY kit from the folks over at Wilding Wall Beds a few weeks ago, and I have been so excited to assemble this bad boy, I could hardly stand it. The kits come in all sorts of wood options, and after a few back and forth deliberations, we went with “Oak.” We wanted the wood to be nice and strong, and we wanted to grain of the wood to duplicate the rustic feel of Creed’s Nursery. The nursery already has barn wood and two old windows as decor pieces. If you didn’t know this was a bed, you may think it was a free standing closet. It holds a queen sized bed perfectly. In fact, my Mother in Law and Father in Law already slept in the bed this weekend, and they loved it. The DIY kit came unfinished, which gives the versatility to personalize it to ANY space. I was super excited to add the “z” of a barn door to the front and add some barn wood hardware to finalize the rustic look I was going for. So, for the normal every day life around here, the bed will be nice and snug in its place, the wall! And for the times where we have visitors, don’t worry, in point five seconds, the bed is available. VOILA! If you have a design dilemma like we did, Wilding Wall Beds is a great way to solve it! The amazing staff impressed me from the start, and the DIY kit comes with amazing instruction videos to eliminate the complications of putting together the kit. The showroom is beautiful, too! I was amazed at all the different options they had.