Murphy Beds – Are They Practical?


Why Murphy Beds Are Practical

Are Murphy Beds Practical?More than ever people are searching for unique pieces of furniture that have more than one function. Enter the Murphy Bed. A Murphy bed, sometimes called a wall bed or fold-down bed, offers a comfortable place to sleep on as well as a multi-functional piece of furniture. The Murphy bed can be hidden from sight during the day when the bed is not being used. Murphy beds are one of the most practical and space-saving pieces of furniture that you can put into any room in your home. Murphy beds are a wonderful option for anyone living in a small space, such as a smaller apartment, studio apartment, or a tiny house. Wall beds do not have to be anchored to the wall which means you are able to take your wall bed anywhere you go. Another great thing about owning a Murphy bed is that you can have a fully functioning home office by day and a cozy bed by night.

Murphy Beds

Look for wall beds that are built with quality wood materials, that come directly from the manufacturer. A good wall bed is made with high-quality furniture grade plywood and a beautiful all-wood finish that allows the bed to last a lifetime.

Once you have decided on the best style option for you, be sure to inquire about any upgrades that may be available as well as any matching furniture that may be available. In many instances, a consumer may be able to save money by buying sets rather than purchasing a set piece by piece.


Dual Function Desk Beds

If you are looking for a practical and stylish Dual Function Desk Bed, look no further! Dual Function Desk Beds are a wonderful space saver in any room. The different types of Dual Function Desk Beds we offer include:

  • Disappearing Desk Bed – These types of Murphy beds are a unique option if you want your desk and bed to be in the same room without compromising space. A disappearing desk bed offers a full-size desk for homework, crafting, paying bills, etc.
  • Studio Desk Bed – Like the disappearing desk bed, the studio desk bed also offers a desk that remains parallel when the bed is pulled out.
  • Drop Down Tables – The most functional use of the desk bed in the industry. This drop-down desk is attached to the front face of the wall bed. By moving an easy to use latch, you have a full-size desk to use during the day or you can keep it attached to the front of the wall bed. This option gives you the best use of space in your home.


Bookcase Wall Beds

Bookcase wall beds are a wonderful space-saving solution for those who have large book collections, or any type of collection for that matter, but are short on space. The bookcase wall bed is a practical piece of furniture that can double as a focal point in your home, as well as a guest bed if needed. The perfect piece of furniture for avid book readers, it also offers custom lights for late-night reading. Bookcase wall beds are a truly versatile piece of furniture that you can customize your bed by adding side cabinets or home office options.


Bunk Wall Beds

Are Murphy Beds Practical?The ultimate space saver for any kid’s room, allowing more space for playing and activities, is the tried and true bunk bed. And a bunk wall bed will save even more space. Adult size bunk beds can be found that are a practical furniture option for fire stations, cabins, and guest rooms.


Home Office

Wall beds also have a purpose in the home office. Some wall bed manufacturers have created wall beds that serve as fully functioning desks when the bed is stored. These types of wall beds are specifically designed to convert into a bed without disturbing the content in and on the desktop.

Not only are Murphy Beds one of the most practical ways to save space in your home, but they will become a focal point and point of interest for any and all guests that come to your home. Instead of buying a desk, a bookcase, cabinets, and a bed separately, you can buy it all in one. Owning a Murphy Bed will save you money and space, not to mention a beautiful piece of furniture that will last you a lifetime.