3 Steps to a Decorated Bookshelf


3 Steps to a Decorated Bookshelf
A nicely arranged book shelf can be as appealing to a room as a window view if you take some time to make it look nice. We put together a few tips on how to decorate your bookshelf.

  1. Add color or mirrors to the back wall of your shelves to give them depth. Choose colors that are a couple of shades darker than the outside of the shelf.

    paint-back-of-bookshelves(image: HouseBeautiful.com)

  2. Once you decide what to do with the back of the shelves,  it’s time to add the books. Arrange the books by size and subject. Mix it up by having some horizontally as well as vertically. Keep the books grouped, but leave space on some of the shelves for other things.Nicely Arranged Bookshelves(image: KaraleighInteriors.com)
  3. With the books all in place, now you can add pictures, decorations, and other eye-catching items to give the shelves some character. Be creative with colors. Even a few simple objects can give a shelf a more visually interesting look.

    bookshelves-with-decorations(image: RealSimple.com)bookcase-decorating(image: KaraleighInteriors.com)

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