Wallbed Depth

Our Standard Depth Wallbeds stand 16" deep from your wall to the bed face in the closed position and the headboard has a simple top. You may increase the depth of your Wallbed to fit your individual needs. Our Extra Deep Wallbeds stand 20" from your wall to the bed face in the closed position and has a handy six-inch wood shelf top to stand books, alarm clock, glasses or pillows.

Standard Depth 16" Depth

16" Standard Depth

20" Extra Depth

20" Extra Deep

Storage Headboard 23" Depth

23" Storage Headboard

Storage Headboard

Our Storage Headboard option will help you maximize the function of your new Wilding Wallbed. This option gives generous storage space in the headboard, which features a split storage area, allowing access from either side independently, and also allows full access when needed. The center section has a convenient hole for cords to pass through allowing an alarm clock on the top of the headboard.

Our Storage Headboard Wallbed stands 23" deep from your wall to the bed face in the closed position and offers a spacious, convenient storage area below the headboard top. This allows you to store pillows and extra bedding or anything else you would like near the bed. Increasing the bed depth to 23" increases the projection by 7". Side cabinets for Standard Depth are 13.5" deep. Side cabinets for Extra Depth or Storage Headboard Depth are 18" deep. Please note that the Wardrobe Side Cabinet and Secretary Side Cabinets require our Extra Deep or Storage Depth beds.

Storage Headboard Upper Cabinets

Storage Headboard Upper Cabinets

An added option for our Storage Depth models are the Storage Headboard Upper Cabinets which attach above the headboard and give you ample book storage or knick knack space.

Storage Headboard

or Maple
Rustic Cherry
or Mahogany

16" - Standard Depth---------------
20" - Extra Depth$159$159$159
20" - Extra Depth (Gallery)$269$269$269
23" - Storage Headboard$315$315$315
23" - Storage Headboard (Gallery)$420$420$420
Storage Headboard Upper Cabinets$369$475$475

Adding Storage Headboard increases bed depth to 23" and increases bed projection by 7".