How to Update and Improve One of the Most Important Rooms in Your Home


Update your Bedroom with a Wall BedDo you know which is the most used part of a house? If you are thinking it’s the living room, then you are wrong. You would be surprised to know that according to a study a person spends about 8-10 hours in his bedroom and most of the time he/she is sitting or lying in his bed. In fact bed is one item which takes about 80% of the space in the bedroom. Can you imagine if that space could be utilized without moving the bed, then how much additional space a person could enjoy? Keeping the in mind, the concept of storage bed came into being. With the sizes of rooms decreasing and the population increasing, it has become more important to utilize every bit of space in a room.

There are various kind of storage beds, ranging from the ones which have an inbuilt storage box, to the ones which can be hidden away and provides more room while they are hiding.

Below are few of the most common kind of storage beds.

Wall Beds

Wall beds have been featured in famous Hollywood flicks, thus there is no denying that they are packed with style and definitely provides a unique way of storage with a purpose. Wall beds as the name suggest give a look of a concealed wall, but indeed are a bed. Wall beds are also known as the Murphy Beds and hide away beds. The best part about this kind of arrangement is that it has an option of fitting a table, chair or a sofa underneath it. That is when the bed is not being used, and then the space can be used for other purposes such as a study or a lounge. Hide away beds are not only easy to operate but also does not require to move around things when one of the two option is being used. If you are wondering that it is any different than any other bed when it comes to sleeping experience then there is no difference, as the mattresses are quite comfortable and guarantees full comfort.

Hide away beds can be operated manually as well as operated electronically. The manual version is more affordable than the electronic one but can call for some help in case the pulleys develop friction. An electronically operated hideaway bed operates with the help of a remote and can be quite expensive.

Sofa Beds

Next most popular option which is mostly used in almost all contemporary houses in order to add on to the space is a sofa bed. Sofa bed acts as a great spare room bed and serves dual purpose.In small houses where space is limited and ,which does not require the use of an additional bed,for then sofa bed is an ideal option. Not only does it make arrangement for sleeping but looks absolutely wonderful in the lounge as a sofa when it is not being used as a bed.A sofa bed when in the form of a sofa does not look as if it has been formally collapsed to make a sofa , in fact provides a very chic look. A sofa bed comes in various different sizes.In case of a single sofa bed it can be used as a arm chair and when fully opened acts like a comfy single bed. Similarly with a double and a king size sofa bed.

Sofa bed is most appropriate for rooms where there is a one off need for a bed or a an arrangement for a guest, however it can also be used on a frequent basis as it’s very easy to operate and can very comfortably be collapsed into a sofa when the job is done.

Inbuilt box Storage Beds

Inbuilt box storage beds are one of the most common kinds of beds which are used in most household who are looking for some extra storage. These are like regular bed apart from the fact that they come with boxes which can be used for storing things. The platform or the bases of the bed can be pulled which is also known as the door of the bed. The other option is that the boxes are built in a way similar to drawers which can be pulled out to store stuff. Storage beds are great for storing bedding and other bulky items which are not very frequently used.

Things to remember and keep a note before purchasing a storage bed

Storage BedsStorage beds can definitely be bulky than a general bed, therefore it is wise to consider the dimensions of your room before heading to purchase a storage bed. It is also cumbersome to assemble and dissemble it. If you are thinking of building a custom made storage bed then make sure to keep in mind the entry and exit and ways to move it around if you wish to place it in some other room.

This extensive guide will help you in assessing whether a storage bed is appropriate for your house and if it is then how you must measure the space in order to accommodate the storage bed.

A bed is arguably the most bulky furniture in a house which we normally do not purchase it every now and then. It not only requires money but also efforts to zero in the type of bed we would like. It’s a known fact that if we happen to have a good night sleep then we can do a fresh start to a lovely day. Therefore it is advisable to consider all the aspects before deciding on the bed which you would like to purchase. When we talk about a storage bed, then it is best to measure the space available and the dimension of the bed as it could be a bit tricky to maneuver it if the space is tight.

The most important function of a storage bed is to provide the much-needed comfort along with creating extra space for storage without impacting the space available. Therefore there is not added advantage of a storage bed if it looks clumsy in a room. Therefore make sure to decide in advance where you would like to place your bed and how would you fit in the bed. Following are few of the points to consider

How big is the entrance and how big is the size of the bed?

Size matters and this is true for the size of the bed as well as the size of the room. Do not judge the size of the bed by merely looking at it in the showroom, as the showroom are quite spacious and due to high ceiling a big bed might appear to be small. Therefore when you go shopping for your storage bed then do carry a masking tape.

Many people would only measure the length and breadth of the bed and forget to measure the height of the bed. However it is advisable to measure the height as well. When we talk about length make sure that you aim for having at least 50 cm free space from both the side of the wall after placing side table, which provides you room for walking.

Dimensions of various storage beds

  • Single bed-90cm*190cm
  • Small double-120cm*190cm
  • Double -135cm*190cm
  • Continental double-140*200cm
  • King-150cm*200cm
  • Continental king-160cm*200cm
  • Super king-180cm*200cm

These are the mattress sizes for most size storage bed, however there are many other kind of beds which are available and some can also be custom built according to needs and requirements. In case your room is blessed with high ceiling and there is no dearth of space then you can add headboards. Headboards are of two type’s namely integrated headboards which are static and cannot be removed and the non-integrated ones, which can be removed as and when required.

If you are saving space then it is advisable to go in for a non-integrated type headboard or a storage bed with non as it would make you bed look sleeker in design.


The next step is to measure the access of your house as well as individual rooms. Do not get too carried away with the look and design of the bed, rather be more practical and act rational. If you are living in a block of flats with no lift, then take into consideration the width of the stairway and the entrance. Keeping this in mind it’s a wise idea to get your storage bed delivered in sections and then get them assemble it at home. If you have spiral stairways then you ought to be more careful as the turns may lead to chipping the furniture.

Now that we have read everything about storage beds, now let’s look at the negatives and positive of investing in a storage bed.

Positives of a bed with storage

  • The obvious advantage of investing in a storage bed is the storage factor itself. It’s like a blessing for people who have less space and are looking for additional storage options. A storage bed creates ample space for storage without making too many changes to the lookout of the room.
  • A storage bed can provide storage in many different ways. There are broadly three kind of storage. Firstly the ones which have drawers under the base of the bed, secondly a big trunk like space, by lifting the base of the bed and thirdly, space in the headboard such as shelves on the headboard which are best for storing books or small items.
  • In case of a hide away bed, it acts like a one stop shop for all the furniture. A hide away storage bed can make room for everything right from a bed, a study area, and sofa and book shelves without moving anything.
  • A hide away storage bed, not only adds dimension but also add that wow factor. When the bed is not in operation, the space can be used for other purposes.
  • A storage bed when compared to a generic bed is more robust and thus has a longer life.

Negatives of a bed with storage

  • First and foremost the biggest disadvantage for especially those of you who have a small and a limited entrance is that it is can be bulky and difficult to get through.
  • Secondly storage beds once assembled can be difficult to reassemble as they are difficult to move due to the size of the structure and make.
  • Assembling a hide away storage bed is not really a DIY task and would most definitely require expertise and professional help. In case of a remote operated storage bed if it is not done properly, can also cause health and safety hazards, therefore assembly should be left for the professionals to manage.
  • Since the base of storage beds are almost starting from the floor level therefore it is hard to clean under them and overtime dust may accumulate, making the floor underneath dirty and untidy. On the other hand, there is an option of a raised storage bed, but the downside is that they are even bulkier and are suitable for houses with high ceiling.
  • Other major disadvantage of a storage bed is that they are much more expensive that a general bed. In fact if you are considering an automatic hide away bed then be prepared to invest a huge sum of money. Frankly in that amount you would be able to purchase all the individual furniture items such as a bed, dresser, chest of drawers, study table, dresser etc.

However for somebody who is looking to add space that too in very limited region, then storage beds definitely are a great option to get that extra space. If money is tight then it’s not a bad idea to explore buying a second hand storage beds which are available with several vendors and also online stores. It’s also wise to wait for a festive offer and discounts to arrive as most online stores, advertise tempting discounts and offers in case of furniture and furnishing. So no wonder you might as well get lucky during the festive period. Keep an eye on the beds you are looking to purchase as storage beds are very much in demand and fly away very quickly once the prices are reduced or are advertised as discounted.

Types of storage beds

  • Venezia Storage Beds
    Venezia storage beds are one of the most popular kinds of storage beds and are renowned for its utmost storage options. The most remarkable feature of this kind of bed is the number of drawers. If you are looking for something convenient to use and provides sections so that things can be managed then undoubtedly Venezia storage beds does not have any close competitor. The drawers are beautifully colored and definitely adds that much needed charm to the room.
  • Rialto storage beds
    Rialto storage beds are very popular and are on the same lines as the Rialto storage boxes. They come with different sections of boxes which can be reached by lifting the bed panel. They are best for storing bedding and other bulky items.
  • A combination storage bed
    A combination storage bed is best for different kind of items. A double bed can have a combination of drawers as well as a box like storage. So one can store the more bulky items in the box and can organize smaller item in the drawer. The front of the bed is generally drawers which can be pulled to organize things and the back of the bed which is towards the headboard consist of the box.
  • Murphy Bed
    Murphy beds are yet another addition to the fabulous range of storage beds. They are the best piece of furniture if you are looking to use the space in different manner. A Murphy bed gets collapsed it its own cabinet when it is not in use. Hence it is known as a hideaway bed.

Wall Beds and Storage BedsIf you not happy about the fact that storage beds look bulky then you have an option of considering a low storage bed which has chunky sides but low base. In spite of chunky sides, they appear to be sleek as they are low from the floor level. The best part about a low storage bed is that you can make shelves for storage which helps in organizing items. If you are looking for just one single box so that it is appropriate to store bedding and other bulky items then you can let it be as it is without the shelves. Low storage beds are also appropriate for wider mattresses, which leads to an increase in the height of the entire bed. Low storage beds are very commonly being used in modern contemporary houses especially apartments and studios which have a low ceiling, giving it a sleeker look.

All in all, interior designing and carpentry has come a long way and have explored every possible option which would fit any person’s need. Storage beds are one of the best examples of coping with the lack of space without compromising on the storage factor.