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One of the hottest concepts in furniture today is the “hidden agenda” or “hidden storage” items. Pieces like nightstands and beds and cabinets, “Oh my!”

I think nearly all of us have actually dreamed about having hidden compartments and secret drawers, fun little places to hide things that only you know about.

I personally love to chew on a little chocolate as I read in bed in the evenings. Have you ever had your kids or grandkids find the “candy stash” in your nightstand and run you dry before you even knew it? No longer will this be a problem…I promise you.

Ever worried about needing to defend yourself or your family in the middle of the night?


Let me share with you an actual event in my home. First, you need to know that I sleep “like a log”. I sleep pretty deep and sounds usually don’t disturb my “beauty sleep” at all. Not long ago, I was awakened by what I just knew to be a pen that dropped on the tile in my hallway. I was awake immediately! I could hear my heart pounding in my ears, my blood pressure must have spiked through the roof. I knew, without a doubt what I’d heard. Could it be? My fears of a midnight break-in of my home were in progress. I was fighting all-out panic.

It’s amazing how many things run through your head, and how many calculations you make when the fear of threat hits you like that. I knew that my wife was out of town, and I knew that I was all alone in the home. My next thought was, “stupid me”, in an effort to keep kids and grandkids safe, my handheld home security device (gun), was locked up nice and tight in my bedroom closet safe. I immediately and quietly made a dash (silent like a cat) for the closet and liberated my handheld safety device. Next, I made a dash to my dresser, top left drawer, where I knew I had a flashlight. You know the kind that has that “stun the bad guy” strobe setting. Slowly now, with every sense in my body on the highest alert, I silently opened the bedroom door, knowing that I was coming face to face with a bad guy. Hmmm…no one was there. Next, I flipped the hall light on and listened carefully to where the sound was going to come from. Again, no noise at all. This bad guy was very nervy. I did a TV-police type of sweep through all of the rooms in the upstairs. I opened closets and the like to make sure all was clear.


Then it hit me! I had, just yesterday, workmen in my basement where I have a safe. I knew immediately that there was no way that they did not see that safe. They had re-carpeted that entire floor. I immediately calculated that one of the workmen had left one of my downstairs windows open for his “bad guy” friend to sneak in to steal my stuff and do me harm. I descended the stairs, making sure my stance was as wide as I could make it, hoping that stepping to the side of my steps will make less noise. I snuck down all twelve steps nearly silently…I hesitated and listened carefully for a little breathing or shuffling. I was going to catch this bad guy unaware! Surprise needed to be on my side! I flipped on the hall light and waited again for the shuffling….no noise! Again, I swept the entire lower floor like a Blue Blood cop. Again, I found no one there. I swept both floors one more time. There was no one to be found. I knew I heard what I heard, but I decided to try to go back to sleep. Somehow, after having been WIDE awake for nearly 25 minutes now, blood coursing through my veins, adrenaline at the highest level that I can remember in my life…nearly miraculously, I was able to drift back off to slumberland and sleep peacefully until my alarm woke me at 6:20 am. I jumped out of bed remembering my midnight of terror and knowing that I’d actually heard what I’d heard. I stepped into my shower for my morning “shine up” and on the floor of my shower was my razor. See…I had actually heard, at least something that sounded like a pen dropping on a tile. At least now I know I wasn’t audibly hallucinating.

What I did learn from this experience though is that my home defense system was not up to the “spur of the moment need” situation. My next few nights were spent thinking of what I might need to help me sleep in confidence.

Hidden Storage Nightstands

Hidden Storage Nightstand

Wilding Wallbeds has just recently begun to offer a group of Hidden Storage Furniture items. They are more functional, secure, and useable than any other hidden agenda product that I’ve ever come across, and they are RIGHT where you need them…next to your bed. Let me explain. This nightstand comes in two styles. One has all drawers, the other has a pair of doors at the bottom, and one drawer at the top. Everything appears as a normal nightstand…but…there is a secret compartment under the top and above the top drawer. You would never expect what you’ll actually find, with a little coaching of course. The top is very solid and secure and cannot be opened unless you use the right magnetic “key” and hold it over the right “spot”. Located on the back and center of the nightstand is a hidden magnetic lock. As you hold the magnet over the correct spot, it releases the magnetic lock and you slide the entire top forward, exposing a perfectly sized hidden storage area. I have room for my gun, flashlight, med’s, my book and candy, and more.

Hidden Storage Nightstand

The thing I like best about these Hidden Storage Nightstands is that no one, and I mean no one, would ever think twice that this is not just your average nightstand. You have to be told and shown before you’d ever suspect the hidden compartment. Additionally, you need to know what to use, how to use it, and where to place the magnetic “key”. There’s more! The bottom trim on the front of the nightstand is actually a second hidden drawer. This one opens simply by pulling on it, but it’s perfectly hidden…you just don’t expect that it be there to open up.

The quality of the nightstands is fabulous, all wood construction, no particle board, wonderful glides, and the drawer construction is fabulous. Wilding’s product is designed to last a lifetime. The Hidden Storage Nightstands can be purchased one by one or with any of the other hidden storage items that Wilding’s offers. There are so many wood choices and color selections that you will find it easy to complement your current bedroom furniture.

Hidden Storage Side Cabinets

As requests come in, Wilding also makes many side cabinets that can have hidden drawers or hidden storage compartments for safety and stealth.

Items on the Horizon

Wilding Wallbeds is the industry leader and they are constantly developing new, cool products that do better at what they are designed to do…save space.

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Dan Wilding
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