Our Unique Bed Options

Posted by Wilding on May 21st, 2020

Innovation is a big part of what has helped Wilding Wallbeds become the industry leader in wall beds and Murphy Beds. Over the years, we have come up with several ways to create high-quality unique beds. We know that you want your home to stand out from the rest and ...

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Bedroom Furniture And Wilding Wallbeds

Posted by Wilding on May 20th, 2020

When you think about bedroom furniture in St. George and southern Utah and California, one name comes to mind — Wilding Wallbeds. In the past few decades, members of the Wilding family have developed a tremendous reputation in the area. It all started in 1995. Bob Wilding was happily doing what ...

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Wilding Wallbeds Contributions to the Bedroom Furniture Industry

Posted by Dan on April 30th, 2020
Cape Cod style Wall Bed open


Robert, Dennis, and I (Dan) all grew up, so to speak, in the home furnishings business. Over a period of three decades, all three of us worked for several of the Intermountain West’s Home furnishings retailers. Powerhouses like RC Willey, Granite Furniture, Collette’s, Boulevard Home Furnishings and ...

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What You Need To Know About Murphy Beds

Posted by Wilding on April 28th, 2020


Chances are you know what a Murphy Bed or a Wall Bed is. At least enough to know that they are pretty cool and it would be fun to have one. But like most people, you probably have a few questions about what Murphy Beds are, how they work, and ...

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Desk Murphy Beds Q & A with Brandon Wilding

Posted by Brandon on April 8th, 2020

Q: Does Wilding Wallbeds offer Desk Murphy Beds?

Desk Murphy Bed

A: Yes, Wilding Wallbeds has several options that are classified as Murphy Desk Beds. The main options are the Disappearing Desk Bed, the Studio Desk and the Drop Down Table.

  • The Drop Down Table is the most basic option for a Murphy ...
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