Wall Beds Save Space and Look Great

Posted by Eric on July 15th, 2016


With increasing population, there is an immediate need for more space, as the sizes of houses are getting smaller and more expensive. If you happen to stay in a metropolitan city then you would be able to appreciate space-saving furniture. Townhouses as compared to houses in the countryside are smaller ...

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3 Easy Ways to order a Wilding Wallbed

Posted by Chase on July 7th, 2016

1. Order in person

Wilding Wallbeds currently has showrooms in Chino Hills, CA, El Segundo, CA,   San Diego, CA and St. George, UT.  Residents in these cities and the surrounding areas have the opportunity to visit one of these showrooms and see several different Wilding Wallbed models in action. Friendly ...

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What Is A Wall Bed?

Posted by Eric on July 7th, 2016

Discover if a wall bed is right for you!

Here at Wilding Wallbeds, we offer our clients an amazing, space-saving alternative with the largest line of solid wood Murphy beds around. In addition to offering a large line of high-quality beds that fold right up and out of your way ...

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Wood and Humidity

Posted by Dan on June 21st, 2016

Is the type of wood used really make a difference in your Murphy Bed? Yes!

The wood in a Wilding Wallbed is as essential to the durability and function of your wallbed as a uni-body is to the car you drive. It provides the durability to last a lifetime so ...

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Designing a Wallbed Home Office

Posted by Brandon on May 23rd, 2016

Wallbeds are designed to go into rooms that are used daily for one purpose, but only slept in on occasion. We have found that fairly often these rooms are home offices. No one wants to work day after day in an office where the majority of the space is filled ...

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